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  • glueing

    I have been very busy the last couple of evenings in the garage working on a vanity and linen tower. the garage has been in the 90s. I have good air circulation with the fans on high, but still in the 90s. My question... Does the high heat and dewpoint have any affect on the setting of the glue? I know that there is an affect with cold, just never heard anything the other way.

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    The higher temperature will actually speed the cure of the glue, however the high humidity will increase the curing time (for finishes too). Most glues specify 70F and 50% RH in there curing and application times.
    You should still be fine to work the piece after an overnight cure.
    One thing for sure is that the shelf life of the glue will decrease at that temp.


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      The exception is a polyurethane glue such as Gorilla Glue. The higher humidity will actually speed up the curing, especially with the elevated temp. If you use these you will have much less working time before they set so you need to do a "dry run" on your assembly first to avoid problems, and plan on about 1/4th the stated time (at 90 degrees). Full cure will still take close to that stated for 70 degrees/50% humidity unless the temp gets up to about 120, which will speed the full cure.
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