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sliding compound miter drive gear lubricant

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  • sliding compound miter drive gear lubricant

    My Ridgid 12" sliding compound miter saw was slow to come up to speed. I removed the inspection plate to the reduction gear and found that all of the lubricant was caked on the sides of the housing away from the gears. I re-packed some of the grease around the gears and it came up to speed like normal. Does anyone know if the housing should be completely packed with grease and what kind of grease to use?

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    I don't have a definitive answer for either question, but a call to Ridgid Customer Service might be helpful.

    I do know that with a few other tools that I have taken apart the lubricants seem to vary, and while the gear cases have an abundance of grease, I wouldn't consider them fully packed. My circular saw gears seem to use white lithium grease while my older saber saw uses a redish-brown grease. About the only way to really know I suppose would be to talk to either a service center or customer service.