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Waste side toward the fence?

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  • Waste side toward the fence?

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I am new to the forum but have been reading voraciously for the last 3 days (i'm retired), so many great ideas and wonderful information here. Thank you.

    It has been many years since I have done any woodworking and even back then I had a question that I seem to never have gotten an answer to.

    When ripping a board on a TS is it "waste" side toward the fence or the other way around? Same question when re-sawing on a band saw?

    Another question I have is what is the difference between a SCMS and a Radial Arm Saw? Do they not do the same job? It seems to me the SCMS may be more accurate than a Radial Arm Saw? Any ideas on why Ridgid does not have a 10" one? They did not have SCMS's back in the day. LOL



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    The keeper piece should go between the blade and the fence, the cutoff is on the other side of the blide.


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      Alan, You set the fence to the size board you want and run it through with the waste side away from the fence. Using the saw in this manner keeps your wood at the required size. If you run it with the waste side to the fence you cannot cut accurately. The biggest difference in an SCMS and an RAS is that the SCMS cannot rip cut boards by turning the head 90 Degrees like a RAS, oh, and the SCMS cannot use a dado blade like the RAS. Last time I looked, Ridgid did have a 10" SCMS along with 12". Not sure if they still make the RAS or not.


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        Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have in the last couple of years.

        As previously mentioned, good side toward the fence.

        Ditto on the answers to the RAS vs SCMS. I might add that the SCMS is designed only to do crosscuts, both straight and compound; but it can't rip or do any of the other neat stuff like the RAS can. (no ability to rotate the head to horizontal, nor does it have an auxiliary end for a chuck, etc.). I may be wrong, but I also believe the RAS has a slight advantage on crosscut capacity too.

        However, the SCMS is not as temperamental as the RAS and will generally hold its settings quite well. Still, given the choice of one over the other, I'll take the RAS. (I've been an RAS fan since the early 60's.) Unfortunately, Ridgid no longer markets an RAS, having dropped the last model a couple of years ago. Craftsman still has one, but I don't know who makes it for them (used to be Emerson Electric, Ridgid's parent company). DeWalt stopped making the RAS over a decade ago. I believe Delta still has a model or two, but their units are absurdly priced.

        Bottom line is that the RAS has fallen out of favor for most folks, especially in the trades. The CMS and SCMS are much more portable and hold their settings better. Also there is a common belief (unfortunate) that the RAS is too dangerous. While I disagree, I have to admit that there are a lot of folks who, arguably, don't understand how to use it properly.

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          Forgot to add, the same goes for resawwing on a bandsaw. Good side to the fence.


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            Thanks guys, I appreciate the info!!!