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  • ?? for Jake

    I have the TS2424.

    Would there be any warranty problem with totally enclosing the back of my TS, including the motor?

    If it needs to be open for cooling, would a box enclosing the back as above with an opening, say a a/c filter as 1 side of the box provide adequate cooling, in your opinion?

    The box would allow full movement while tilting the blade and remain enclosed.

    I have replaced the herculift base with a cabinet on 4" locking casters and would like to continue the motif and make mine a true "cabinet saw" by enclosing the motor.


    Rodney Jenkins

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    The main warranty issues will be restricting the airflow to the motor and exposing the motor to excessive amounts of dust. If you build a cabinet around the motor you will be decreasing the amount of cool air to the motor, but I do not believe it will be enough to cause a problem. The biggest problem will be exposing the motor to significantly more dust that it is exposed to today. I really can't say how, in the long run, this will effect the performance and life of the motor.



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      You might want to check out a site on the web. They have a link to their Canadian partners, they make a "sleeve" that covers the opening. It might give you an idea? Also Wood Magazine has a free plan for a cover for the opening, but it needs to be removed for beveling.


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        Thx Jake & TBone,
        I'll probably build a motor cover box with ventilation holes in the rear when I get a little time. I'll try to size the holes to get negative pressure flowing over the motor into the cabinet to prevent sawdust accumulation. That along with a chip deflector behind the blade mounted to the arbor assembly and sealing up the blade height crank slot should allow for directing the saw dust to the dust collection slot.

        Rodney Jenkins