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DP1550 Purchase on Presidents Day

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  • DP1550 Purchase on Presidents Day

    First of all let me once again send my apologies to Jake for what is about to be unfolded, I'm sorry but this is to do with woodworking, my woodworking.

    The DP is my 3rd Ridgid purchase in a little over 4 months. After posting recently (Jake FYI) how to buy from HD, I made the phone calls this morning to determine availability. Second store contacted, in Livermore, had plenty in stock. Naturally, I questioned model number three times, but was assured they had loads of them.

    Arrive, 10 minutes to locate a Tool Crib person, off he goes to find the DP. After 15 mins shows up can't find any. Colleague joins him, off they go again on the great DP hunt. 15 mins, comes back, can't find any, the computer is showing 13 in inventory...13 yes 13! I call for department & Store Managers. They arrive after another 15 mins. Store Manager sends out hordes of staff to locate the DP's. Success, found one after 15 mins. Brings round on cart. Yep it's a dusty box marked...DP1500, the prior model, same as the one falling apart on display. Store Manager now becoming red around neck, with bulging veins and heart rate now giving me concern. Has his staff phone around all local stores. 20 mins later found some in San Leandro. 3 min later others in San Ramon.

    I head of to San Ramon. Locate Tool Crib person after 10 mins, it's normal. He knows about me. Takes me to a rack. There at the very top 4 DP1550 boxes...yippee. I go away to get trolley, he goes and gets electric hoist. Get back to rack after 10 mins locating trolley. Hoist broken! Will have to get cherry picker and licensed operator. 55 mins later finds operator. 15 mins of set up and cherry picker level with boxes. Cherry picker lowers empty handed. Operator leaves. 10 mins later another operator arrives. 10 mins later the box is on my trolley. I head for the exit, nothing stops me. I almost get hernia loading into SUV on my own. I can't bring myself to ask for help, everyone's been so kind.

    Left home 11:00am HD's are all within 15 mins drive of home and each other. Arrive home 3:45pm. SWMBO raises eyebrows a little surprised to see me home with a single purchase that's taken nearly 5 hours. Reassure her that I was only in the HD stores for a total of 3 hours 45 mins. She studies me carefully, gets out the phone book and looks up the number of the local institution!

    Jake, please pass this on to your Director of Sales, so that he can appreciate why his figures are not where they should be, and also what a bunch of idiots there still are, that seem hell bent on buying his products. Thank you. I hope you had a great Presidents Day.


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    David---my wife goes shopping all day and comes home with one little bag! Do you think she was shopping at HD?

    Geesssh!!!! I think the moral of the story is there are darned few customers who would have stuck with it and bought a Rigid----my jaw would have been rigid (small r) after driving to Livermore after they said they had them.

    Only consulation David, is that you don't have to deal with HD if you have any problems---at least we know Rigid will take care of things for you. Enjoy.


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      Geez, sounds like my journeys trying to find a jointer before Christmas when they were supposedly $399. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      A few stores had tags on them marked $399, but didn't have any in stock. The people find some at another store, but these are $449. The associate assures me that they are $399 and that the store that has them will take care of me. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      Off I go to the store that has them in stock. I arrive at store and gather a few other Items I needed to buy. Associate unwilling to give it to me for $399, even after calls to other stores. As I stand there with $300 worth of other stuff, I argue with manager about honoring other stores' price, even if it is a week out of sale. (That's what I was told) Manager unwilling to give in, so I left the other $300 worth of stuff sitting in the cart in the tool isle.

      Next day called HD customer service. they took a report and thanked me for calling. Still haven't heard anything from that conversation. No follow up call, no letter, no nothing. Really upsetting since I have spent over $6k in the last 4 months there buying stuff to remodel my 2nd floor/attic.

      the bad part...I gave in and picked one up about a month ago. I hurt my back, and with the cold, I haven't even had a chance to assemble it!