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    Anybody Out There, Hi, I've just gotten off the Ridgid page and lo and behold there was a picture of a lathe that looked (almost) just like mine. However, my understanding is that mine was made about 60 years ago by a company named King-Seeley. I believe it was made for Sears but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if King-Seeley was purchased by Emerson/Ridgid. Does anyone have any information on a lathe looking exactly (except for the head stock cover and switch) like the Ridgid WL1200. I'll be contacting Ridgid but really am interested in the history of my seemingly old lathe. The only numbers on my lathe are 103 23881. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, Don.
    Don Muller

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    In 1964, all of King-Seeley's design patents, tooling, and parts stock were bought by Emerson of Paris, TN; Emerson then took over production of machines for Sears.


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        One more databit I found:

        In 1962 Emerson bought all of King-Seeley Corp.'s design patents, tooling, and parts for Sears, Roebuck & Co. Craftsman and Dunlap lines. Emerson began production of machines in 1964.

        Emerson lost that contract around 1998, but they now make the Ridgid line of stationary power tools for Home Depot.


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          According to the Sears Model/Manufacturer Table tools with the 103 prefix are; "50's stationary tools by King-Sealey(?)(#103.0213-early 50's tablesaw)"
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            The Old Woodworking Machines site can be a lot of fun. I use it researching an old Power King Shaper I bought at a barn sale. Found a lot of the tool companys paths cross at one time or another.
            Rob Johnson
            Orange, Ca.
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              It's funny, I was checking out a HF flyer the other day. Didn't have my reading glasses on, but I could swear they had one identicle to Ridgids, only the YUK green. (lathe that is)

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