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  • Which drillpress?

    I am considering a drill press. My first project will be rosettes for some casing and woodwork I will be making. Using a bit that is about 2" in diameter. My question is a bench drill press sufficient or should I get one that stands on the floor. What horsepower should I get?


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    My preference leans towards floor DP's because of the versatality they offer over the benchtop models. Horsepower can be important but in a lot of cases the number of different speed settings offered is even more critical. In order to get the most out of your DP it's critical that you match the speed to the type of bit being used and also the material being drilled. A 1/2 HP DP would be the minimum with a 3/4 HP, IMO, being more desirable. As far as the number of speed settings is concerned I wouldn't go less than 12 but more would be better.
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