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Outfeed table for the 2424

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  • Outfeed table for the 2424

    Anyone have any thoughts on a good outfeed table for the 2424. I would like to build one and wondered if anyone had plans for a good one. I know that woodonline has plans for one that was built using the 2424 as a model, but I don't know how it turns out. Can't get the pics without buying the plans. Anyone built this table? It looks to attach to the back of the table and fold down, but I wonder how this works with the motor protruding from the rear of the saw. Anyone have any pics of a 2424 with this table attached? I don't have a dedicated workshop, so I have to pull my equipment out of the storage closet and into the carport to work. I need something portable until I build the addition to the storage room and make a large enough workshop.
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    am sending one to your email addr now. got it from someone at
    Haven't built it so I can't comment on it.
    Build me one and I'll be happy to though ....


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      Have you looked at the Ridgid Outfeed Stands for $30? They come in handy for numerous operations such as TS outfeed, router table, miter station, etc. I even used mine to help mount a mirror to the wall.

      If you need surface area as well, this may or may not be what your trying to do. If you don't have one already, you might want to think about making a adequately sized rolling work table that is heightened to a hair below the 2424 tabletop. By using casters that lock, a couple treated 2x4 for the frame, 1 or 2 4x4's for the legs, then (depending how big of a table top you'll need) 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood glued together for a 1 1/2" thick top. I ripped pieces of pine used for studs and glued and nailed it to the sides of the table top, then sealed it, top, bottom, and sides, with an external deck-grade stain/sealer I had leftover.

      All in all, my table sits under the carport and is 30+" x 60". I drilled 3/4" holes for a benchdog and Veritas wonder pup, holddowns, and mounted a corded outdoor box with two plugs and a power toggle switch that my neighbor helped me do. It's very functional.
      Patrick<br /><br />


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        Not a bad idea. My biggest issue is space. I guess I could do what you suggested, but get some folding leg brackets from Rockler so I could fold up the legs like a card table and lean the table against the wall in the carport. I have noticed that the carport floor is not completely level either, so depending on where I place the saw when I am using it, I sometimes have adjust my roller stands. I guess I could put some screw in levelers on teh bottom of the legs to adjust teh height to the table saw surface height.

        I'll have to give this some consideration.
        Brad Hatchett<br />


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          Here's a discussion from March:



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            I bought the plans from Wood and built my outfeed table. Went a little bigger than what they call for. Also just used some 3/4 MDF I had hanging around.

            I believe my signiture still has the link to some photos of it.

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              Don't waste your money on the fold leg hardware from Rockler. I did that for my outfeed table and the hardware was junk. The material was very soft. It wouldn't hold the weight of the 1x4 pine frame and 1/4" plywood top. (36" x 72") It just bent and collapsed. I ended up going with 2x4 legs braced with 1x4's. Used heigth adjuster feet.

              I laminated mine with Formica, things slide easy across it, and doubles for a assembly/finish table. Glue and finish's scrap off the Formica with a sharp putty knife. You can even use Johnson's Paste Wax on it for greater slide.

              When I bolted the wall unit to the wall yesterday, it had over 500lbs on it. Cabinet guessing around 300lbs, and me at just under 200. Light, but strong. Very versatile.
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                I built the outfeed table from woodonline for my saw (2424) and it works very well. The motor does not get in the way because there is a fixed portion of the extension that does not fold. It protrudes just past the motor. It uses angle iron to attach the fixed part of the extension to the saw. Its very sturdy and the single leg provides plenty of stability because it uses a piano hinge for folding. I used 3/4" melamine edged with birch. Its not difficult to build, you should be able to build it in a day or two at most.


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                  Built this one some months ago from plans. I'll send you a .pdf with the details, it maybe the same one that you'vre already received from Doug.


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                    David. From the pics, i think that is the same one that Doug sent me. I will check my email and see. Thanks for the suggestion though. I like the design of this one, and it appears to only add about 1" to the overall depth of the saw.

                    By the way...that has to be the cleanest saw I've seen. I guess the author of the plans put it on a brand spankin new saw.
                    Brad Hatchett<br />