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TS 3650 router table wing PLANS

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  • TS 3650 router table wing PLANS

    I did a few searches for router table extensions and the like for the TS 3650, and i have seen some beautiful designs. Does anyone have the plans for these extensions? Pics are great, but i need something a bit more lock-step (still a novice).

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    I don't think that you're going to find it, fp. I looked long and hard too. It's just a bunch of trial and error - mine was more error and a problem with getting the stock dead flat andafter laminating on some stiffening strips it's still not flat. Pretty disappointing. To overcome this particular issue I would recommend that you build the table *immediately* after purchasing the stock where it has been laying flat. Mine stood on edge for a couple of weeks after I bought it. I'm considering taking mine to a furniture shop and asking them to run it through a drum sander. Most of the tops I see use wooden rails to fasten the top to the fence extension rails. I chose to use 1"x1" aluminum angle. That's my experience but it's far from a model for others to pattern.


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      thanks for the advice - i think im just going to bite the bullet and either purchase a dedicated router table, or build one from some plans i got from a magazine.