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  • ZCI Notch Question

    I've only just made my first 2 ZCI inserts out of some maple ply, left over from my kitchen cabinets. I used 60# picture hanger for the little notch area. It was fun making them. Almost like a right of passage.

    Question: From the looks of the notch on the stock table insert the notch is just to keep the insert from flying out. Is this correct?

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    If by notch you are referring to the retaining tab on the back of the ZCI which prevents the ZCI from lifting then yes, its main function in life is just that. Its secondary function is to make fabricating ZCIs a little more challenging

    I've seen some aftermarket ZCIs that use a small roll pin (about 1/8" dia. or less) stabbed into the back edge of the insert to act as the retaining tab. These seem on first look to not be sturdy enough but I guess they are adequate.
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      ...retaining tab is then. Thanks. The picture hanger lets me hang it up when not in use.