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TS2424 Fence Parallelism

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  • TS2424 Fence Parallelism

    I recently read an article on setting up table saws and it stated to make sure the fence is perpendicular to the tabletop, having never checked this parameter I went out to shop and did just that. One side of fence to the tabletop formed an acute angle, I then checked the other side and much to my surprise it also formed an acute angle. Then I proceeded to check it with two additional squares and they produced similar results. A rough measurement of the fence with a steel ruler indicated that the top of the fence was approximately 1/32 of an inch wider than the bottom. I brought a calibrated caliper home and confirmed my previous findings, .031 inches off. Is this to be expected of a $600 table saw or do I have a defective product?

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    Had the same problem as you. Called Ridgid and explain my problem and they will sent me a new
    fence channel. New one was square.



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      You can fix this problem to a point or completely depending, on first, oak. Can you obtain or square a piece of oak or other hardwood? Place one on each side and shim where required. I had to do this to my old TS and it worked like a charm.


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        Thanks for your input/advice. I called Ridgid Customer Service and explained my situation and they immediately forwarded me a replacement fence. The new one arrived in two business days and the sides are parallel, although they were not perfectly perpendicular to the tabletop out of the box I was able to correct that with shims in approximately five minutes. I applaud the Ridgid CS department and this experience will weigh heavily on future power tool purchases.


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          Glad to know everything was taken care, happy sawing!