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oven cleaner on TS top?

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  • oven cleaner on TS top?

    has anyone ever tried over cleaner on the top of their TS to get rid of discoloration and spots?

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    I haven't tried it on a saw top, but it's a pretty aggressive cleaner. I've had excellent results with mineral spirits and a scotch brite pad, or even sandpaper for heavily discolored tops, that I wouldn't want to risk getting that cleaner on my arbor and bearings, etc.

    I've tried oven cleaner on saw blades with good results, but I've also tried Simple Green, Goo Gone, 409, LA's Totally Awesome, Dawn/H2O, and Boeshields Bladesnbits all with at least as good results as I got from oven cleaner. Seeing as thought the oven cleaner is the messiest and harshest on skin, and can even dissolve printing and sometimes coatings, I see no reason to bring it out into the shop.