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  • buying a router

    I went into HD to look at routers, as my confidence level is rising in regards to woodwork. I have completed quite a few projects now and believe I am ready to purchase a router.

    I have done A LOT of reading on routers from magazines, books, postings, blogs, etc. I decided i wanted the bosch 1619EVS, but upon pricing it i almost fell over. It comes it at a whopping 650 dollars CDN. Yikes.

    So i was talking to a rep from freud the other day (in HD) and we were discussing routers. I rejected the Freud FT2000E as it got less than good reviews in magazines (workbench specifically). He said the CDN router is different than the US one, as in canada they are allowed to raise the collet higher - this does not interfere with raiswd panel doors. has details.

    Anyone have comments about the Freud FT2000E? Its much more reasonable that the Bosch. The Freud comes in it 499.99 with a full table and fence.
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    Hi before you spend all thaat for a router/table ask yourself this. What will you want to use it for? Hand routing or table mounted? Also if you plan on doing a lot of raised panels maybe a small shaper? Look around and consider at least 3 HP variable speeds. Then check around for seperate after market tables. Before i bought my shaper that is what i did ,still use it for projects with a small amount of doors. Email me if you like and good luck Regards Anthony


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      Franklin - The Freud FT2000E is pretty well proven as a good value @ < $200 here, and it usually reviews well as a best buy....lately I've seen for $120USD delivered! $500CDN is a wad of money for a router like that. I'm not opposed to helping get something like the Hitachi or Freud (or other) through Amazon and shipping it to you at my cost....The M12V is currently $160USD delivered to should come in < $200USD to ship it to you. The price difference is unsettling.

      Send me a PM if you're interested once you've decided which router you want, and we can exchange info. Food for thought...


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        Sorry if i was unclear with the freud 2000EP. If it is purchased without the table, its costs 299.99 CDN. If it is purchased with the table/fence, it costs 499.99 CDN. The table alone retails for over 300.00 CDN.

        I'm still undecided - I wanted to see the ridgid router, but it is still unavailable at HD's in Canada.


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          I would also look at the makita line of routers.
          Andy B.


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            The only problem with makita routers is that i cannot buy one locally. I would have to purchase it online. What is your experience with makita?


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              I have used maktia router for ten year with no promblems. I put them through the ringer and they keep comming back for more. I have the 1.25 hp plunge router, and the 2.25 hp Fixed,D-handle,and plunge base routers. I also have the small trimmer. I would buy them again in a heart beat. I would try to order them throught this web site:
              Andy B.


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                I bought the Makita combo with the intention of using it primarily for handheld work and in the table until I was able to purchase a more powerful router to park in the table. It did everything I asked of it so it ended up spending the better part of 4 years in the table until it started having an intermittent speed problem (randomly decides to max out the speed). It is a great router and I definitely feel that I received my moneys worth out of it, I’ve just been a little hesitant to take it in for repair do to the nature of intermittent problems, they never seem to act up at the repair shop. I have since placed one of these in the table and it is a great table router and has a more refined bit raising mechanism than the Makita did.



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                  Bosch alternative

                  I don't know how you feel about Factory Reconditioned, but I bought the plunge/fixed combo you mentioned from CPOBosch a few months ago, and I am still trying to figure out what was "reconditioned"... both box, packaging and equipment seemed brand new.

                  I mention it, because I got it (still available too) at $169 US and it came with a 10% off coupon for next purchase.

                  Just a thought....


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                    Factory reconditioned

                    Many items come back to retail outlets after individuals buy it, open it, look at it and decide they really aren't going to use it. Or they use it once, take it back to store after their project is finished and get their money back. These items end up going back to the factory where they are checked over, repackaged and then sold as reconditioned. Many, many reconditioned items have really never been used. They've just gone thru the re-check process. Then they're sold at a discount. They can be extremely good buys. And many times come with a warranty as good as an original tool. CHECK the warranty first before you buy though, because they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Way back in 1993 when I was struggling to start my business, I needed a hammer drill, but really couldn't afford the price. I bought a reconditioned one, (DeWalt "Screamer" model), at a DeWalt tool repair center in Milwaukee. This tool had obviously been used on a job site (I'm not complaining here, just telling you condition). It had some marks but the price was right, well under $100 if I remember correctly. Well that hammer drill has performed flawlessly for me for the last 13 years. It was one of the best buys I think I've ever made, and you couldn't pry that baby from my cold fingers any day soon. It has drilled hole after hole in concrete, brick, re-inforced concrete, new concrete, old concrete, and has done a great job drilling some pretty big holes in steel. Even used it with my huge hole saws with a limiter to keep the rpms in check and the torque level up. So am I happy? You bet. Would I do it again? You bet. And the next guy may be really really disappointed with recon tools, but that's the chance I guess, you take. Just my 2 cents worth.
                    Jim Don


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                      I bought a Sears lawn mower several years ago that was reconditioned. The tag said the customer that returned it complained that it was hard to start. This thing has been the easiest starting mower I've ever owned!

                      Routers - I bought the Bosch [3671617EVSPK] router last year for Christmas and like it a lot, although I haven't had the opportunity to "put it through the wringer." It was $225 USD a year ago, but I don't mind paying for a quality tool.

                      I've been easing my way back into woodworking, and this Christmas I'm thinking about getting the Rigid TS3650 table saw. I have a radial arm saw, but would like to have a table saw, too.

                      - djb

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