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    I too, love my Ridgid tools, although I only own a TS2424 and TP13000. I just do not think, we will see any more Ridgid WW tools, made by anyone. Also, although I have read things on this board of the nature that 'the Ridgod name will continue', or that the 'high quality will continue', etc., I have yet to see anything that EXPLICITLY states that we will continue to see Ridgid WW tools in the future.
    Answers to my emails to Ridgid bear this out. I really and truly hope that I am wrong, but when a company can not come clean with its customers, it gives me reason to think the worst.


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      Ask someone in tools for a 10% discount coupon. A couple of weeks ago I was in my local HD and needed a few more tools. I told the employee I was waiting for the next sale and he pulled a coupon out of his back pocket and let me purchase everything I needed that day.


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        Douggage said
        I really and truly hope that I am wrong, but when a company can not come clean with its customers, it gives me reason to think the worst
        To me Ridgid is acting like a company that is negotiating - it can't make promises, because every promise reduces their options. But Ridgid knows (and is willing to say) that they have a valuable trademark and reputation for quality and support that they want to preserve.

        Rather than assuming the worst, I am hoping for the best. I think we need to give them time to put together their new business plan, before we start judging what it might be.


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          Charlie -
          Seems to me that they have already done the negotiating. Ryobi is handling the warranties and is handling parts. Safe bet that all the other ducks are in a row as well. I believe that nothing is being said because Emerson/Ridgid wants to have their hands washed of the matter before saying anything, so that they don't have to listen to any backlash.
          I spoke with a Ryobi rep at my local HD less than an hour ago. He says that it is his understanding that we will see the Ryobi name on that Ridgid equipment soon. (FWIW)
          Don't hate me for being a skeptic. I used to work for Telxon Corporation before it was raped and plundered. They gave us non-answers and half-truths just before they closed the doors.
          Like I said, I really hope that I am wrong on this, and that I will still be able to buy the same quality Ridgid tools in the future as i have done in the past.
          all the best...

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            “History and reputation will prevail, and Ridgid will remain high standard. This I am confident in.”

            I question the validity of your confidence; unless you currently hold a seat on the Board of Directors for Emerson and/or possess inside information your confidence appears to be nothing other than an optimistic opinion. Realistically, unfortunately for us, we must take a wait and see attitude and let future developments unfold prior to rushing to any biased conclusions. It is not my goal to be argumentative; I’m just attempting to view the situation through a factual focus rather than simply anticipating the popular outcome of nothing will diminish in the quality aspect of the Ridgid tool line.



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              Of coarse you are correct. But with all the negitive posts lately about the current situation, I feel some positive must accompany it.

              I appologize for any miss leading ideals my posts have done. But until the ball is dropped, I have to take the positive side of things. And I hope Bob, or someone will come forth with some honest and truthful information on the situation.

              Be assured, my fears is as strong as everyone elses.
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                Originally posted by Cutbuff:

                Big difference is that Sears only had Emerson.
                HD already has the run-of-the-mill Ryobi. They need a brand up-market from Ryobi. More expensive, greater capabilites, more features. Hence Ridgid. Their own premium brand. Only available at 1500 stores nationwide. Competes with Delta, Jet etc., Especially Delta, that's fast becoming the Lowes in-house premium brand.

                You're right about that, but, I still think the path will be followed as stated. Ryobi quality will not be the same as Ridgid was. Can't be that way as we've already seen that even though Ryobi stepped up a little to the Sears standards, the quality paled to what Emerson was producing. Unfortunately, Sears and Home centers do not cater to high end woodworkers anymore (did they ever really?) and that now there are way too many options like Amazon, Woodcraft, Rockler, etc that do just that.

                Delta as well has cheapened their mark to the point that Lowe's has them now...that to me is just like Depot handling Ryobi. You'll not see any Delta X-5 stuff in Lowe's.
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