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OK.....Whats up..... Another HD post

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  • OK.....Whats up..... Another HD post

    Went to my local HD this morning to pick up a few supplies and made a stop at the tool crib to see if by chance they had link belts.
    The Ridgid display was clean and neat, they had a CMS1290 on display with two more in there boxes sitting next to the display, Drill press, joiner, leg kits, dust collection, the TP1300 with more in boxes, a 3612 set up with fence kits displayed next to it and the work center on display.
    What gives????
    Is this the "New Ridgid"???
    Sure made me smile.
    Rob Johnson
    Orange, Ca.
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!

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    You may as well have started that fairy-tale off “Once upon a time a man visited a Home Depot”. Just kidding, I hope you are correct and this is what we can expect form now on.



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      It's an honest post, no joke.
      All I can say is "Good Job" HD#0615.
      Now, I'm just waiting for the 10% coupon to come in the mail before picking up my TP1300. I know they have them and that they are in stock.
      The CMS1290..... looks like the Space Shuttle... What a saw!!
      Rob Johnson
      Orange Ca.
      Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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        We have a couple of HD's like 1290 yet in any of them, but some mgrs are better than others and set up their tool cribs nicely.

        I can't imagine the "new Ridgid" being so different so fast, but then again...Ryobi displays are usually in better shape than others at HD's.
        Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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          I have blasted this HD in the past for the poor display of Ridgid tools. Junk stacked on top of displays, not able to find things that there computer says are in stock, etc...
          This is a whole new ballgame. The Ridgid displays are neat, clean, and in an area all there own.
          Something has changed.
          Rob Johnson
          Orange, Ca.
          Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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            Same up here. The 1290 is the first thing you see. [img]smile.gif[/img] The fence on the small saw, the 2400(?) is still massively lose though, I doubt they sell many with it like that. Makes the 3612 look good, maybe thats their ploy?
            \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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              Now that you have mentioned it I noticed the "New Tampa" HD had the Ridgid display really cleaned up. They had an RAS with one in the box right beside it. A 3612 with two in the box right there and they even had the rail box with them. They had the jointer, bandsaw and drill press set up and one of each in the box setting right beside. In fact I think they had a full complement of the Ridgid line on display with boxed items setting in the same general area. They also had a new MS1290 setup and two in box right underneath. I was impressed. It looked like someone cared to sell something.
              This was one HD that did a fair job of displaying Ridgid but this was a marked improvement over the norm.

              [ 05-26-2003, 01:24 AM: Message edited by: RevEd ]
              Rev Ed


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                My local HD, which normally has the Ridgid display all bunched together and in disarray has also cleaned up the display. The room used is the same, but it looks like they re-arrainged some tools to make them look better. Prior to this recent event, the display had looked the same for at least a year.


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                  I just figured the strategy out...the faster they get the "old" Ridgid WW tools out of the tool crib the faster they can get the "new" Ridgid tools in and selling. This would explain the "new" nice displays. Shame though that if they'd done this from the start and kept up with them, Ridgid's sales might have been much better over the last few years.
                  Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                    Kelly -
                    You have it right, except I still do not think we will see a 'new' Ridgid WW tool. i think they are just goung to sell them off, and fill it in with plastic Ryobi tools.

                    [ 05-26-2003, 07:27 PM: Message edited by: douggage ]


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                      As Bob (new moderator) has said. Ridgid's quality will withstand, and controls are in place to see it through. He also stated we will see new and exciting things in upcoming months.

                      I do believe we will see just that.

                      Norm has also stated that the forums is not going anywhere, or at least no info of such has been made available to him.

                      I trust the Ridgid name, and the people who back it. Speculation is a underserved approach to future conditions.

                      One thing to think about is that many of the Ridgid tools you have purchased have already been made overseas. Ridgid has just now made the announcment. Quality is there, as you can witness with ownership.

                      Black & Decker is the occasional DIYers cheaper brand of DeWalt...
                      Ryobi (if that is who is making Ridgid) is the same of Ridgid. History and reputation will prevail, and Ridgid will remain high standard. This I am confident in.
                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        I agree with John. As long as Ridgid is presented as a good, solid tool it will keep my intrest, and cleaning up the displays goes a long way towards this.
                        I'm not going to turn and run on speculation alone.
                        I love my new CMS1250, and if the quality remains this high, at least they will have me as a customer untill my workshop is full of toys.
                        Rob Johnson
                        Orange, Ca.
                        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                          Ridgid can't afford to put there name on low end tools. There are to many cross over buyers. If you sell cheapo tools I would guess everything you sell might turn cheap. Just do not see Ridgid doing that.

                          My HD are realy picking up the displays, maybe that is a sign of the new Ridgid.

                          I quess I want it to be anyway.
                          Hoping for the best.


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                            I can't help think that they'll follow the Sears model...since Ryobi makes almost all the Sears many of you want that in your shop?

                            They're gonna have a long road to prove their worth to those of us who have seen what Ryobi does first hand. Sears had their standards too and they were based on Emerson's quality.
                            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                              Big difference is that Sears only had Emerson.
                              HD already has the run-of-the-mill Ryobi. They need a brand up-market from Ryobi. More expensive, greater capabilites, more features. Hence Ridgid. Their own premium brand. Only available at 1500 stores nationwide. Competes with Delta, Jet etc., Especially Delta, that's fast becoming the Lowes in-house premium brand.