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  • Lumber purchase

    What would you say is the most common or popular place to purchase hardwood for your projects? The local lumber yard or is ording via the internet a good way to save?

    Do many people resaw lumber to save material and what type / brand of bandsaw works best?


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    I use this to find local places that sell lumber. It's been very helpful in locating a couple places nearby.

    I've never purchased lumber over the internet as there's really no way to insure the piece you see pictured would be what gets delivered.

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      One internet source that has gotten good reviews from the woodworking mags is Wall Lumber . Check out their UPS Bundles .

      I have not ordered from them myself, but have been thinking about it for wood not locally available. Speaking of locally, there is a place that deals in teak wood that is not too far from me. I was by there once and stopped in and got the $0.25 tour of the place. Must be a couple hundred thousand BF of Teak in that warehouse. I have not bought from them yet either (all they have is teak) as I have not come up with a project to use teak on. They are on the web at
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        Where are you located? In most areas there are at least a couple of bandsaw mill sawyers or regular sawmills. You can save a ton of $$$ getting rough lumber from a sawyer.

        I resaw regularly to stretch my stock when I'm doing projects that accept thinner stock and for bookmatching panels.
        I use a lowly Harbor Freight BS with a riser and a good quality resaw blade from Lou Iturra.

        Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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