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  • Herc u Lift Question

    I cannot seem to get the Herc U Lift completely disengaged.

    My Ridgid TS3650 seems to still be partly "on wheels" so that I don't have a solid four-on-the-floor type of base with the legs.

    I've fiddled around quite a bit and read the "manual" (ie installation guide that skips a few steps here or there) but can't seem to come up with answer... so I thought I would try the forum.

    Thanks for any help/insight you can offer.

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    the manual is pretty vague ...try the online one

    the assembly bolts are not to be tightened fully either,you should be able to adjust the foot screws if your close

    hope this helps



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      Yeah, the thin bolts (maybe called "screws" in the assembly instructions) which go down through the leg supports then through the front tube assembly (with the big hole on top) have to be pretty loose. It says to tighten the locknuts to be flush with the ends of the bolts -- leaving about 1/4 - 1/2" of empty thread in the middle. The casters look totally cockeyed when the weight is off them and on the legs. But . . . this system made it possible for me to assemble and use the 3650 in my one-car garage "shop."