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which magazines do you read?

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  • which magazines do you read?

    I have been reading "Workbench Magazine" for the past 6 months and was looking to extend my reading material. Which magazines do you guys read regularly and why? What about some good books?

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    well i like car craft and custom rod sometime i go back to my childhood and pick up model railroader i also like to read better homes and gardens and when there is a specal issue (well i guess in a way they all are specal) play boy. ........................... oh wait dang you ment wood working magazines didn't you?? ohhhhh well then i would have to say log homes because i have always wanted a log home
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      I used to read Wood and FWW, but have been growing increasingly unimpressed in the past year or so. I'm growing fonder of American WWer and Popular WWing though. Shop Notes usually has some interesting ideas too.


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        Canadian Home Workshop - good Canadian content and a wide variety of projects (simple to advanced).

        Wood - also a good read

        The occasional FEW when they have an article that I am particularly interested in. They seem to have really good writers for many articles


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          Here's one reason I like SnopNotes. This tip appeared not too long ago.

          Go to HF and get one of their inexpensive analog or digital dial gauges, and for less then $15 you can add precision depth adjustment on any make surface planer.
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            too many to choose from

            I have subscribed to both Workbench and Wood and primarily because of the plans, I prefer the latter. There web site is good as well.


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              Popular WW, American WW'er, Wood, Woodsmith, Fine WW
              Poplar Branch Wood Crafts


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                Here in sunny Florida there are not many woodworkers/hobbyists that I have been able to locate. Reading material is very important to me to learn about new tools, methods, materials and develop new skills.

                I subscribe to ShopNotes and WoodSmith. Just this week, I sent in a subscription to Wood.

                I also use my local public library as they have a section for woodworkers.

                Reading entries in this forum also gives me a lot of information as the members have a great depth of knowlege and are very helpful.

                The internet is also a good resource. If you want to get information on a subject, just "Google".



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                  I just recently subscribed to Woodsmith, but I am really new to woodworking. I like all the plans and tips they have.



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                    I recently went on a magazine spree- most of them will offer you a free issue to try it out. I thought this included wood so I signed up for it as well. when I realized there was no free issue I called them back and cancelled. I still signed up for their email newsletter (pop ww has a good email newletter as well).

                    anyways, last week I recieved an offer from wood for 3 years for $24. I don't know if it was from my email subscription, or cancelling my prior order, but it seemed like a good deal to me.


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                      The only magazine I get is ShopNotes. Pretty neat mag. I may get others later, but I'm building up my reference library first.


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                        ShopNotes is good. Who has time to read these days?


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                          I read every chance I get, till I'm almost sleeping in my chair sometimes. Books on tips and tricks, tool reference books, furniture design books, tool reviews, and forums online.


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                            I read PWW, Shop Notes, FWW and Workbench. I had a subscription to WWJ but I let it lapse. I like PWW and ShopNotes the best