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  • Bandsaw Wheel Bearings

    Does anyone know the best way to remove the bearings from the top wheel on a BS1400? My top wheel is out of balance by 1/2 oz. Ridgid customer service promptly sent me a new top wheel [img]smile.gif[/img] with very few questions asked. I do not want to mess up the bearings when removing them from the wheel. I thought about removing material, but a lot was removed at the factory and 1/2 oz. of aluminum is a lot to remove. I would rather use the new wheel.
    Can someone help me install this blade!!!!!!

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    Go to an automotive shop (NAPA if you have one) and purchase a bearing puller. You will need to know the inside diameter of the bearing you are pulling to select a bearing puller of the appropriate size.



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      Can you add some weight instead? Like balancing tire in the car. Probably use lead tape that you can buy at NAPA.


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        If you can be a little more descriptive it would help. Is the sheave off the saw and your just trying to pull the bearing off the shaft or are you trying to remove the complete assembly. When you reinstall the new sheave, inspect the shaft closely and deburr it with emery cloth. Lubricate it well and if you can, measure the o.d of the shaft and the i.d of the new bearing. They may be the same size so that you would want to raise the bearing tempreture to about 250 degrees before you install it on the shaft.