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    Long time reader...first time poster.

    A little background. I had some oak trees cut down a few years back and had them milled. They have been stickered for the last couple of years and I planed about 150bf yesterday. Looking good. A friend of mine made his cabinets about 6 months ago and said I could use his plans. So I went to my local lumber yard and picked up 10 sheets of oak veneered plywood. Called my buddy later to make arrangements to pick up the plans and he can't find them. OK no harm no foul. I will just find some on the internet or buy a book.

    Here is the problem. I can't find what I am looking for on the web or in a book. I have seen a couple of things on the web, but they are missing a part that I need (corner cabinet) or I can't tell if they are worth a darn. Books...I actually bought one at my local Woodcraft, but upon a detailed read it was not what I was looking for. In case you are wondering it is The Complete Cabinet Makers Reference by Jeffrey Piontkowski. The plans in there are good, but have all of the screws going through the sides which would obviously show on a finished product. Plus they are not face framed cabinets and that I what I want. If you have access the cabinets I would like to build are shown on pg 81 in the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of This Old House magazine.

    I can build just about anything if I have a plan, but not being much of an engineer brings me to my current situation. Does anyone have any references for me? I don't mind paying for a plan; I just want to make sure it is what I am wanting.

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    I can't help you out with any plans but you can do what I have done. Go to the local HD or Lowes with a measuring tape and get the sizes from one of there cabinets that they sell.
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      I haven't read this book
      but from what I've seen books by Taunton are usually pretty good...


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        building kitchen cabinets by udo schmidt
        build your own kitchen cabinets by danny proulx

        you can pocket hole screw the face frame from the inside of the cabinet so it won't show.

        mark sommerfeld also has a pretty good dvd.


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          Thanks everybody. I picked up Udo Schmidt's book. That coupled with the other book I have should provide the info I seek. As a matter of fact I have all of the carcass' cut and only one dado left in each to do.