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ts2424 pulley alignment question

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  • ts2424 pulley alignment question

    I've been reading this forum for months now, and thanks to all the information and opinions provided, I've made a (confident) purchase of a ts2424. I am looking forward to the start of many years of household projects (simpler things first, like shelves, bookcases, and garage cabinets).

    But, before I can begin, I need to make sure the unit is properly assembled, which brings me to this issue: after reading the manual and re-positioning the motor pulley so that it's more in line with the saw pulley, the motor pulley has been moved so far down the spindle (shaft) that one of the bolts protruding from the motor housing will interfere with the belt when the blade is raised beyond 2 inches.

    There are 2 solutions I can think of:
    1) adjust both motor and saw pulleys to the right such that there is sufficient clearance for the belt, or
    2) adjust the 4 bolts mounting the motor to the motor support, sliding the motor leftward on the support. this will enable me to adjust the motor pulley to the right, which should again provide the needed clearance.

    I'm reluctant to do #1, as I'd rather not mess around with the saw pulley (also, there's less room to maneuver up there). #2 seems the easier, and there is clearly slot room in the motor support to allow for this. However, the manual doesn't address this problem, so I thought I'd solicit opinions from this group first. (Actually, second -- I have called Tech Support, but I guess I played phone tag with Jake yesterday, and today nobody seems to be at the office).

    Thanks for any and all advice.

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    I just got done assembling my 24241. I had to readjust the four mounting bolts for the motor to get the pulleys to line up. There seemed to be plenty of room to shift the motor to the side while retaining the pulley at the right place on the motor shaft.

    Just make sure that the centerline of the motor shaft is still parallel with that of the arbor before you tighten the four bolts. And make sure that the key and keyway of the shaft and pulley are adequately aligned and engaged. I used a 24 inch Starret steel rule straightedge to align the pulleys.

    I also had to realign the fence and trunnions, and file down the casting sprues on the backside of the miter gauge to make them work right. I've read where some guys take this saw right out of the box and it's perfect. Not mine!!

    Good luck. Let us know how you do.

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      Might check this thread out. It's similar to what ou are describing.


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        Sorry, I'm out of the office and are answering this from the road. Move the arbor pulley over slightly, just make sure it clears the underside of the table at full cutting depth.



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          If you are going to use the saw for fine work. You must have the motor exaly center, and squared on the motor mont. the pulley must also be exaly on the same plane. It is not hard to do if you can use the tools you have to figure a way.
          Andy B.