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Using A Combination of MinWax Products/Help

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  • Using A Combination of MinWax Products/Help

    I have stained a new oak table with Minwax Red Mahogany Wood Finish product. I would like to continue to stain and finish the table with their Wood Sheen product in the Rosewood color in hopes of picking up more red highlights. Do you think this will work? Finally, for added protection I want to apply their Wipe On Poly for added protection. Will application of the Wipe On Poly lessen any red highlights I gained with the Rosewood Wood Sheen?

    I have asked Minwax, but I trust this community, and you folks will tell me if I'm doing something boneheaded. Thanks

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    The only thing I would suggest is to try it out on a scrap piece first.
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      I really like wipe on Poly for it's ease of use. The downside being it goes on really thin. Will not discolor.......just make sure your stain is completely dry before application.


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        Thanks guys.

        Hey Speedball, have you ever tried the wipe on over latex satin paint?