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Dust Collection Separator . . . YES!

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  • Dust Collection Separator . . . YES!

    I recently took a chance on one of those plastic trash-can-top Dust Collection Separators and I'm stoked! It's much easier to empty the can than the bag on my Jet Dust collector, plus I no longer have to worry about what is happening to the expensive DC every time I hear the "clunk" of a large chip hitting the impeller. Actually, the only thing that still even makes it into the DC bag is very fine dust. Everything else ends up in the trash can.

    The caveats: The plastic Dust Collection Separator, as it came from Rockler, is a joke. The "seal" to the can is non-existent, and the leakage causes a vacuum drop. A strip of sticky-back 1/4' x 3/4" foam fixed that. There is no provision for securing the 4" hoses into the plastic unit, so I taped them in with Gorilla Tape from the inside. If anyone comes up with a neater way to attach hoses to these units, I'd ike to hear about it!

    The separator is a welcome addition to my shop.
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