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Drop-on sacrificial fence for the TS-3650

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  • Drop-on sacrificial fence for the TS-3650

    I have looked for a drop-on sacrificial fence for the TS-3650 fence similar to the Biesemeyer aux fence and not found one.

    Does anyone know of one that will work with the stock RIDGID fence?

    I have prototype clamp that I clobbered together this past weekend. It grips the fence tightly and is easy to mount/ wrenches or bolts or other such stuff to mess with. It can be easily taken on/off in seconds. I need to make a second clamp and mount them to a board and try it out yet, but so far it looks promising. The photo below shows the clamp mounted to a short board representing the fence.

    Unless there is something already out there for the RIDGID fence, then it is not worth doing and I will just buy one or continue to use the aux fence I made and the 3 'extra' bolts that came with the saw whcih as we all know is a PITA.

    Photo and clamp design ©2006, Bob D., Pat. Pend.
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    Your design looks good and seems practice. I don't have the saw so its hard to comment but how about just building a snug fitting box that you just drop over the fence. You could add a couple of T nuts to the backside to allow for a knob to lock it in place


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      How about the Benchdog T-Loc Accesory Track, #10-013,

      is a horizontal 1/4" accessory t-track. The t-slot captures 1/4" hex

      head bolts used on many aftermarket accessories. Use
      T-Loc to add a t-slot

      to your shop-made fences and jigs.
      T-Loc has many other uses, too, such as

      a guide, holding stops, or other fixtures.
      T-Loc is the best way to attach our

      featherboards and other Bench Dog accessories to your shop

      made fence.
      T-Loc can also be mounted to many other brands of router table

      T-Loc may also be an effective way to add a horizontal t-track to your

      table saw's rip fence. Comes in 36" lengths. May be cut to size. Mounting will
      require drilling holes and obtaining proper hardware.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	tlocstep1.gif
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      I guess you could substitute T handles for the nuts and you'd get the bonus of a TTrack.

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        That would be too easy Wayne. it's gotta be more complicated than that In reality (if there is such a thing?), I did think about that route. The RIDGID fence does not have much room up front at the handle for the box end to drop over, neither does the back for that matter as the rear clamp arm needs room to move. If you are talking about building an ' h ' shaped aux fence that drops over the TS fence and has a couple clamps on the back side that would work yes.

        What I came up with performs the same function as the Biesemeyer does, but the dimensions, design, and material differ greatly I think. Also, when the fence gets worn out or chewed up too much there is only one, flat piece of what ever height material you wish that needs to be replaced. Four screws on each clamp and you are done with the replacement in a couple minutes. With the box, you need to build a complete new one or take the first one apart and replace the piece.

        But I agree Wayne, a fence such as you propose would work.
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        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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