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  • Question About Wilton Clamps

    Earlier this year I purchased a couple of Wilton 60712 12" Multi-Grip clamps. These operate on the same principle as the Irwin Quick Grip clamps but the design is significantly different.

    I was wondering if anyone here has used these clamps for more than a year or better yet more than two? The reason I ask is that given the times I've used mine, these clamps seem to be on a par with the Quick Grips but cost MUCH less than the Irwins'.

    Some of my Quick Grips that I bought back when they were owned by Vice Grips are getting old and need replacing but IMO the quality of the Quick Grip clamps has gone down hill ever since Irwin bought Vice Grip. I'm mainly interested in how the 6" through 24" ones hold up as these are the sizes I use the most.
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    Dave, can't speak to the Wilton clamps but I had bought a pair of 12" Quick-Grips a couple years ago and they have been great. So about 6 months ago I decided to buy some more, I got 2 pairs of 6" and another set of 12" clamps. Of those 6 new clamps 3 gave me trouble right from the start. I returned them and got replacements but all of the newer clamps do not seem to grip as tightly as my first set do. So maybe as you say the quality has gone down or some small design change has resulted in the clamps not performing as well as their predecessors.
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      I have a few Wilton Quick Grips, no complaints other than it takes a little more muscle to use them than my Irwins. Irwins are indestructible. You can find Irwins on sale at Big Lot's every few months. They always have some kind of Irwin clamps. I like the rubber handles that are on some Irwins, something the expensive Besseys and other pricey clamps should have.