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    Here's my experience with using spar urethane:

    you are best off if you can apply the finish before you join everything, as water will find it's way to the seems and work its way from the bare spots.

    Also, there is Marine Spar Urethane/Varnish that has added UV protection, and allegedly fishishes stronger, and I know they carry it at HD and Lowes.

    I'm rebuilding my Vermont Garden Cart, and I'm using the Helmsman in the spray can 1st (I think that is the most complete coverage) and then I think I'm going to try the marine spar after a light sand.

    You should just buy one of the Helmsman spray cans and respray it--at the end, or beginning of--each year.

    BTW, Helmsman is cheaper at Walmart. For instance, the spray can is $5.50 and at HD it's $6.97

    There is currently a $2 rebate on Helmsman/Minwax quarts at HD.
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