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Router Table Extension & Out Feed Table for TS 2412

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  • Router Table Extension & Out Feed Table for TS 2412

    I just purchased a 2412 (used from a friend) and the saw is great. I am looking to build a router table extension and an outfeed table for this saw. I searched the forum and mainly came up w/ stuff for the 3650.

    Any plans or pics out there for these two items for the 2412?

    ALSO anyone got a mobile base they want to sell me for this saw?

    Thanks everyone in advance as this forum is a great resource of knowledge and good people!

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    Router table extension and moble base

    means42. On the 3650, here is what I did for the router table extension. It's MDF, framed with oak 1x3 and oak crossing underneath to keep it from warping. I put in a router lift. A picture is below. As for the mobile base, go to e-bay and search for Ridgid. There are usually quite a few for sale there.