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Best Woodworking Reading Material?

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  • Best Woodworking Reading Material?

    I was given a $50 gift card for Border's Books and hope our esteemed members might give this new hand at woodworking some "best of" suggestions. FYI, I have lots of experience as a general handyman - minor framing, drywall, painting, electrical, and plumbing, but am taking a slow but progressive move into woodworking. Just bought my first saw, the TS2400 , which I intend to mount on a custom-built stand/cabinet. This stand will be integrated into the workbench but can roll away from my (garage-located) workbench for larger pieces. Anyway... let me bring this thread in for a landing . . . I want to spend my $50 wisely. Your advise is coveted.
    - Scott

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    Here's a few suggestions to get you started;

    1. Illustrated Cabinetmaking, ISBN #0-7621-0183-0, by Bill Hylton
    2. The Jigs & Fixtures Bible, ISBN #1-5870-563-5, by R.J. DeCristoforo
    3. Finishing Magic, ISBN #1-55870-562-7, by Bill Russell
    4. The Table Saw Book, ISBN #1-56158-426-6, by Kelly Mehler
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      Here's a good though short thread,


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        Hey guys thanks! I think that'll use up the $50 and then some. . . maybe I'll have to invest a few of my own greenbacks to get my "shopbrary" off to a good start.


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          So Shubbard, what books did you get this weekend? We're dyin' to hear