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  • Dust Collection

    Has anyone tried "The Boot" for their 3650?

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    $40 ! Even though it's Canadian dollars that's still a lot. You can accomplish the same thing for much less with a couple of pieces of 1/4" hardboard and some magnetic tape. Or, if you know anyone that sews, show them a picture of that thing and they could probably make you one for a few $$.
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      Thanks for the input. I'm trying the hardboard and magnets.


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        I just put the hardboard/magnets on the 3650. I closed off the bottom of the saw. I have 5" flex coming to the bottom and the collection is great so far. I used to have so very much dust falling out on the hurcules lift, it was a pain to clean up after cutting wood.

        Some have found the out of box collection to be good, but maybe they are using a shop vac with more static pressure. I'm using a full shop DC with high air volume and it didn't work well. (As would likely be the case for any contractor saw)

        This is doing a great job so far and was a very inexpensive solution. Magnet strips can be found at "Hobby Lobby" if you have one around you. Regards, Justin


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          Could you post some pictures of your hardboard and magnets enclosure? Sounds interesting.