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TS2400 Dado Insert & Zerco Clearance Insert

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  • TS2400 Dado Insert & Zerco Clearance Insert

    Given the outdated material on their website, the following may prove helpful to those wanting to obtain an 8" dado insert or a zero clearance insert for their TS 2400.

    Rigid's Woodworking Accessories page on the website

    8" Dado/Molding Insert
    For use with 8" Dado blade or molding head cutter. Use with RIDGID TS2424, TS2412, and TS2400.


    Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert
    Use with RIDGID TS2424, TS2412, and TS2400, TS3612.

    When I tried to order these, I called the number:
    To order parts or accessories for your RIDGID woodworking power tools, please call 1-866-539-1710.
    and then pressed #1 to be routed to the parts distributor. After a 5-10 minute wait (Monday morning), the person I spoke with said that they cannot accept orders for acccessories and routed me back to Rigid. The person I spoke with at Rigid said the correct part numbers for the items above are:
    AC 1040
    AC 1045
    The AC 1030 and AC 1035 have been discontinued. I then called the 866 number above again, waited another 5-10 minutes, and simply said I wanted to order "parts" and provided the numbers "AC 1040 and AC 1045".

    An order of 1 each shipped to the San Francisco Bay area came to about $45.00.
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    If you can, cancel the dado insert off your order. You won't be at all happy with the results you get when you use this type of dado insert. You get much higher quality cuts when cutting dados or any other cut for that matter if you use a zero clearance insert. Make ZCI's as you need them and mark on them what size dado you used it for then keep them for future use.

    While you at it, cancel the blank insert too. You can buy blank inserts much cheaper here,
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      I make all my own dado and zci's. It is cheaper and you don't have to wait for them.
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        do you need a router to make zci's and other inserts?


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          ZCI How To Video

          The following link will take you to a set of videos on how to make zci's. These are helpful for making your first one. After that first one, you'll be confident about what to do and will start experiementing to fine what works best for you.

          Have fun.


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            Cheeky, you don't necessarily need a router to make ZCI's although it does make the job go much faster and easier. But, there's no reason why you couldn't just rough cut them out by hand and then finish them off with a little sanding.
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              ZCI's w/o a Router

              The following link shows how to make zci's without using a router (TS & BS or Jig saw).



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                thanks for the URL. the videos were very helpful and probably saved me 50 bucks!