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  • Warranty


    I got my TP1300 a couple of weeks ago and didn't have the extra saw blades or the case. I called customer service and they said they would send me a case and the knives.

    I just got the blades and the invoice that came with it says Bill to: Ryobi-Warranty

    Does this mean Ryobi is taking over the Ridgid operations?

    I just thought I'd help spread rumors. I still didn't get the case though, Oh well

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    Woodslayer is unable to reply as he hangs his head in disbelief.


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      stunned too . Can you scan it and post it as a picture?


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        TP1300 = Planer
        Saw Blades?

        Is there a new package out there with free tools?
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          So the HD employee that told me Monday that Ryobi had picked up the license to Ridgid WW tools may have been correct huh?

          Wonder how long they've been making the tools that weren't made in the US?
          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            I've scanned the invoice and saved it in just about every format. I'm not sure how to get it better and post it but I will try.

            Any advice


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              not surprised in the least. Ryobi. sheesh. might as well be HF or Cummings.

              By the way.... check under the outfeed table for your extra set of blades...


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                Matt S

                I don't know if this is the best way to get an image on this site, but it works.

                1. Get the image into a "JPEG" (file extension JPG) or "Compuserve" (file extension GIF) format, at a reasonable size (under 50 KBytes).

                2. Put the image on any web site - most internet accounts provide a way to do that. If you are having trouble with step 1 or 2, email the picture to me (see the little mail icon at the top of this reply) and I will fix it and put it on my site and reply to you with the answer to step 3.

                3. Get the complete URL (address) that can be put into a browser to show the picture. It will be something like HTTP://www followed by or Note that the capitalization of everything after the .com or .net is critical - it must be exactly as the way you saved the picture. Spaces have to be handled in a special way, so to keep it simple, don't use spaces in the name of this picture. Test it by entering the URL in your browser "address"

                4. Post a reply on this site. At the point you want the picture, click the "Image" button below the place you are entering the reply, and insert the URL you just tested.

                5. "Preview Post" to be sure everything is right before you "Add Reply."

                Good luck. I would love to see your evidence about what is going on!


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                  I don't believe it. I have to see it.
                  Andy B.


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                    Boy Ridgid's announcement sure changed a few views. At one time everyone on this forum said the Ridgid tool was the best thing since sliced bread now we have people wanting to smash them. If the tools were wonderful before the announcement what changed?

                    What if Ryobi did take over manufacture? If they built them according to Ridgid specifications then they should be just as good. If they build them to different specifications shouldn't we wait to see if they are better or worst. Besides a lot of Ryobi's manufacuring is here in the states. I know they have a big plant near Anderson SC.

                    Look at the positive. Go into Home Depot and look at the Ridgid displays then look at the Ryobi displays. If your HD is anything like the ones here in the Tampa area the Ryobi dispays are bright clean and attractive while the Ridgid's (with the exception of one store out of 5 that I visit)they are dirty, stacked with merchandise and shoved in a corner. Most tools are missing parts or so far out adjustment you can't tell anything by looking at them.

                    Who knows maybe Ryobi will start marketing Ridgid the way they should be, which will bring in more cash for RD and we will see neat new machines.

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                    Rev Ed


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                      I emailed the jpeg of that invoice to Charlie. I don't have a web page or anything so hopefully he can post it.

                      It does have the Anderson SC address on it.

                      Thanks for the tip on the location of the saw blades and case but they weren't there. They did send me new blades but not the case.


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                        The sky is not falling! (IMHO) I have owned Ridgid and Ryobi power tools for several years. Warranty parts have been prompt for both. Recently, I had a problem with my Ridgid BS14001 bandsaw. The lower thrust bearing kept freezing up with sawdust. I called Ridgid parts, and I had a replacement withintwo days FREE! The invoice also said Ryobi Warranty. I suspect that we have an inkling of who bought the license from Emerson. Of course, the Ryobi name is really owned by a Chinese company called TTI, if recollection serves me. Who really makes Jet? Who really makes Grizzly? I am still highly satisfied withg my Ryobi and my Ridgid tools.


                        Mike Narges


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                          I've heard of folks having good luck with Ryobi products, but I am not one of them. I've had a 12v drill, 18v drill, recip saw, router (2) and a grinder made by them. The only one left in my shop after a short two years is the grinder (because I use it very seldom). I use my tools daily in my business, and have had bad luck with the less expensive tools...all of them. My goal this year was to elimnate them all and replace them with top-shelf tools. I have plans to buy several more tools for the shop in the next 2-3 years (drill press, bandsaw, etc) and wasn't planning on buying the same product that Sears sells as Craftsman (made by Ryobi as well).

                          I know Jet and the others are also made overseas and that doesn't bother me. Whoever does make them has much better quality control than Ryobi has shown in the past. The reason they got the contract with Sears and HD's is vendor price and they have filled both stores with tools I wouldn't waste my money on. I guess the next step is a Ridgid branded BT-3000...

                          While Ryobi tools are fine for hobbyists and homeowners, they will not do for the pro level unless things drastically change. Maybe Emerson will see to it that the tools have the same quality control as they have in the past...guess long terms tests by those who will buy them will have to tell the tail...I'll be in the shop or on the jobsite with tools I know work while others test the waters...
                          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                            Certainly agree with Kelly. Ryobi's overall approach, of making disposable tools, is not something I'd want to see happen to the Ridgid line. Like Kelly, the only Ryobi tools I have are ones seldom used.

                            Won't even get into the issue of Asian-made tools. There are good ones and bad----just depends on the design and quality standards as to whether it's junk or good stuff.

                            But-----can you imagnine, if Ridgid drops it's interest in manufacturing-----will this forum be moved over to Ryobi? I'd rather have all my teeth pulled, without novacane, than put up with those BT nuts!


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                              Just a quick thought (it doesn't happen often [img]smile.gif[/img] ) but do you think if Ryobi takes over manufacturing of the Ridgid line that they could be setting up a "premium" line to complete with the latest Delta strategy of dividing their tool line?