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Know any good Orlando stores??

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  • Know any good Orlando stores??

    Just moved to the Orlando FL area and was hoping that some locals might be able to recommend some good lumber/tools/fixture stores. I know that there is a Woodcraft, but I was hoping for some hole-in-the-wall type stores that don’t necessarily rely on retail sales; you can always seem to find odd lot items at really good prices. By the way, I am in the east Orlando area. Thanks.

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    Harbor Freight is the best hole in the wall joint in my area, and there are members here that are pretty good about letting us know about the gems they get and coupons too.
    I don't know the relationship of this location to yours, but I travel 8 miles to my local HF, and 17.5 miles to my Woodcraft.

    Oh yeah, Welcome to the forum by the way.
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      Thanks for the tip, I have never had very much luck with HFT. Everything I have ever bought from there has broken within a month. Not a big fan. I was hoping that some people might know some localy owned industrial type places. Thanks for the help though.