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Blade alignment question

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  • Blade alignment question

    I have heard that on a table saw, the falling teeth of the blade should do most of the cutting. How do you know if this is happening? I just purchased a 3612, and am pretty sure I have everything set up right. I do notice that when the stock passes the rising teeth, the tone of the cut changes significantly (becomes louder). Does this mean something is wrong?

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    Maybe, maybe not. Just putting a piece of wood very close to a running blade will change how it sounds. This is probably akin to the way a flute works.

    My favorite way to tell if rising teeth are cutting is by tracking dust deposits. If the back teeth cut, you get a roostertail of dust upward off the back of the blade. This is most noticable if you use a zero-clearance insert.

    Another way is by careful examination of blade marks on the cut.