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good source for wood??

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  • good source for wood??

    Hello all,

    I just moved to Gainesville FL from Denver and I don't have a lot of resources here, or at least haven’t found them yet. I’m planning my first big furniture project. I plan to make a dining table from some free plans I found on-line. It calls for 4/4 finished thickness pine for the top. Only problem is I can’t find any regular old pine. HD/Lowes only have ¾”. I also found that the prison has a sawmill and will cut and plane any size for cheap, but it’s only air-dried. Only other source I’ve found is Goodwin Lumber, which sells 500yr old heart pine that, has been on the bottom of the river for the last 100yrs. Very nice, but very $$$. Help me please.

    Lastly the reason I want pine is to match some other furniture we already have.

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    This thread will give you some leads on lumber,

    Welcome to the forum. Have fun.


    • #3 Wall lumber has always been very good to me. They have UPS bundles of shorter wood but you can order anything you want. Prices are fair and shipping is not too bad