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You know that "You should have bought a cabinet saw."

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  • You know that "You should have bought a cabinet saw."

    I recently purchased a TS3612 on sale for a great price. After a lot of research, it is my firm belief that dolor for dollar I can not find a better deal.
    I was also in the process of selling my old Ryobi BT3100 saw and had it posted on several sites. Once I sold it, all the people on those sites wanted to know what I bought to replace it. When I told them it was a RIDGID, the thread always went the same way.
    First some people will congratulate you on the new saw. Then come the Delta cult telling you you could have had a better saw if you bought a Delta for more money.
    Then come the General cult who tell you Delta sucks and you should have spent a lot more money and bought a General (a real saw).
    Finally, it gets totally ludicrous and they start talking about cabinet saws.
    At this point I finally bring the discussion back to reality and ask anyone to show me a saw I can buy in Canada for $600 Cdn. that is feature for feature better than the TS3612.
    Not surprisingly, this usually ends the thread except for the real die hards who will argue just for the heck of it
    Has anyone else noticed this trend?

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    Pretty silly isn't it. Never could understand why anyone would want to be critical of someone elses purchase after the fact. When someone is asking for opinions before a purchase is made then that would be the time to wave your personal favorites flag. After someone has already spent their money, and you have nothing positive to say about their purchase, it certainly is not the time to be saying anything negative about their purchase. Every activity has its share of snobs and woodworking is no exception. Ignore them but unfortunately they won't go away.
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      Kinda makes you wonder if they do any woodworking at all or just polish the tops of their cabinet saws using coasters before placing their beers on the table...
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        I'm new to woodworking (12 months), and have been surprised at this need for everyone to immediately get to a Unisaw or Powermatic.

        The usual reason is that you only want to buy a TS once in your life and then hand it down to your offspring!

        We all buy automobiles many, many, many times in our lives that are 5x - 10x more expensive than a TS. I change computers, digital cameras, all manner of "things" every couple of years. These all add up to much more than the venerated TS. What is it about a $1,750 TS that needs worship?

        When I feel a need to move to a cabinet saw, although after today's 3 hours of crosscutting & ripping I still have no understanding why I would, then I'll just sell the old one and move on, like everything else in this consumer society.

        Why are table saws so sacrosanct?...



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          It's purely bragging rights! If it wasn't their table saw, it would be their yard tractor, or their SUV, until the next guy brings up his H2 Hummer, and the next guy his H1 Humvee.
          If you were trading up, your saw would have seen a lot of wood, and it would be time for an upgrade. But some of these saws will have seen so little use it would be dishonest to sell one as "used".
          Just over a year ago I replaced a hand-me-down 50's era Craftsman with my TS2424, and can cut anything I will be doing with this setup, that I used to do with a Powermatic at the shop. My next saw will probably be a TS2600 for use in the field. I don't envision a cabinet saw at home, unless I win the lottery, and I haven't bought a ticket in over a year!
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            I was browsing the ads a couple of Sundays back, and one stopped me kinda short. I believe it described something like a "Delta X-5" contractors saw for $995.US. I remenber wondering what could be so great about it to pull $300. more than a Ridgid? Oh, Well, I'll never know as I'm not going to be in the replacement market for awhile. I also agree that treating a Tablesaw like some kind of 50 year investment is a little strange. Every other tool discussion I've been in goes more like: "I beat the living daylights out of that _________ for ten years before it blew up, that was a great _____!" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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              gmack---actually, your post kind of surprises me! BTW---I think you bought a terrific saw. It's the great grandchild of my old Craftsman!

              But maybe we hang out at different places, but I really don't see Delta proponents pulling that and I don't see many General people---period. Now, if you want cultists----I've actually seen some BT owners say how their saws were better than the 3612s! You tell us. And next in line are Grizzly and Harbor Freight lovers.


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                I agree with Badger Dave, why put someones purchase down after the fact. What I can't understand is that on more than one occasion I've been browsing around a new woodworking store that sells Jet or General or whatever and I start talking with the sales person. Eventually it comes up that I own some Ridgid tools and for some reason they find it necessary to tell me that Ridgid aren't that good and I should have bought their stores brand. Do they excpect me to just up and buy a new table saw? How is putting my existing purchase down going to make me buy anything from their store?


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                  Jeff----maybe I could understand this in a store, though it's still stupid. If I were them, I'd have shown you all the accessories they had for your saw----nice Incra fence, etc.

                  As to people on forums putting down a purchase someone's already made---it is a no-class type that does so. It's one thing in one of these "what do I buy" threads, but sort of pointless after the fact.

                  Do admit I have to restrain myself when someone buys a Craftsman and proceeds to tell you his problems with it! Feel like saying "why didn't you ask before you bought that POS"


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                    The original thread I got involved with was a guy asking for advice bying a table saw. My response was short and to the point. I told him I'd just bought the TS3612 on sale for $699 Canadian and that in my opinion, you couldn't get a better saw for th price. As the discussion continued I continued to ask any of the posters to show me a TS I could buy for that amount that was better than the 3612. No one replied to that request, they just kept stating that the guy would be better off buying a Delta or General for money.


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                      By the time I went to buy a 3612, they were gone from the Central Ontario area. I would support your statement re. you couldnt find a better TS for the sale price! I think that a number of the back seat wood chewers out there discredit what another person buys only because they are upset that they either didnt get as good a deal or they have to say something to convince themselves that the $ they spent was justified. It all boils down to what you need for the job at hand.
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                        Well, I just spent yet another hour working with the TS3612. I don't care what anyone says, this is a sweet saw


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                          Here's a little secret..

                          Anyone old enough to remember the old VW Bug commercials? They used to say something like: "We don't change the looks, we just improve them."

                          Well, that's what Emerson/Ridgid did with their table saw, the latest version being the 3612. They just kept improving them. I have a 1989 Craftsman which is basically the same saw. Ridgid just kept adding improvements---happily for me, many of which I've copied for my old model. Mine may have a few paint chips on it, but it is a great saw. So enjoy.


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                            The 3612 is the best I've used for the money. I've used tablesaws that cost several thousand dollars. They are nice and noticably better and easier to use. However most of us do not have the money or space for them. A good woodworker can do a better job with the ryobi bt saws than an average woodworker can with the best tablesaw. Skill is more important than tools. I've seen people use circular saws instead of tablesaws with excellent results. A tablesaw is easier to use.


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                              Rafael---I don't think you can make generalizations in either direction. Sure, I've seen skilled carpenters do some amazine work with a circular saw. Have seen some amazing work come from a BT----but there are the few who can turn out quality with the worst tools.

                              In the case of my old Craftsman----brand new and after three projects threw out the stock piece of garbage, fence---not only resulted in poor work,but unsafe, due to it never staying aligned.

                              Same thing for cheap vs. quality jig saws.

                              But,the 3612---it's a saw that you don't have to fight to produce decent work.