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  • question about rivets

    i found a old sled at a flea market. after i am done, it's going to be a christmas present for a niece. the question i have is alot of the joints are with rivets. is there a easy way to remove them? after removed is it important to replace them with rivets or would nuts and bolts work? any advice would be appreciated

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    Easiest way I know of removing rivets is to find the dimpled side of the rivet, then get a drill bit that is just slightly smaller than the dimple. Drill out the dimpled area straight through to the other side, then collapse the rivet into the center hole that you created. Might take a little elbow grease, and be careful that you dont distort the hole the rivet is in.

    Id put rivets back in....nuts and bolts will loosen up with use, and you dont want the thing falling apart while your niece is going down a hill I suppose you could get bolts with locknuts (nuts with the plastic inserts that hold them on the bolt), but that leads me to ask....why remove the rivets at all?



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      Best way to remove a rivet is with a drill. Use a bit a few sizes larger than the stem hole, you can replace with nuts and bolts but be sure to use the nylon self locking nuts, snow sleds take a beating


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        it's in pretty bad shape. i wanted to take it apart, clean and paint the metal. and replace all the wooden slats, make it look new as the day it was made, you know? (i pictured a phoenix design)


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          Have you thought about sand blasting it so you don't have to remove the rivits?
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