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TS2400 10" Portable Saw - Is it worth it?

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  • TS2400 10" Portable Saw - Is it worth it?

    The space in my garage is limited, and I was thinking that the TS2400 10" Portable Saw would solve my problem of having a quality, accurate saw that didn't take up a lot of space. However, I'm not sure if the saw's quality is not being sacrificed because of it's portability. One of my concerns is the rip fence might not lock down as well as the stationary units. Does anyone have experience with this saw that can throw their 2 cents in?

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    If you have the room I would definitely recommend spending the money to get a cast iron saw such as the TS2424 over a jobsite saw such as the TS2400. Not to say the jobsite saw won't perform; the fence on that saw is more or less the same fence as the large saws. But in the long run I think you'd be happier with a cast iron saw. Even if you have to work extra hard to find space for it, you'll be much happier, with the quieter, smoother TS2424 over the more compact and portable TS2400. You really only need a jobsite saw if you plan on moving the saw from sight to sight.



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      W W, I got my latest issue (October) of 'Popular Mechanics' on Monday and there's an article in it titled "Comparison Test: Benchtop Saws". It rates the TS2400 and similar other saws. This article might be of interest to you.

      Also, I have the TS2424 myself and am real happy with it. As far as not having a lot of room available, the Herc-U-Lift system with this saw makes it extremely easy to move out of the way.


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