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    I just finished the book recommended by Hector B by Kelly Nehler titled "The Table Saw Book". I found that it was a great book and extremely well written. Even a blind amateur like me could learn a ton of stuff from it. My wife even understood the illustrations well enough to describe them to me.

    I've been experiencing a whole lot more grief from my router table than the table saw recently, even though I've been using the router table a lot longer than the saw. I finally gave up on the idea of a coping sled and started using a "push board" as described by several folks on this forum. I modified mine by putting tabs on the push board (a piece of 3/4 MDF 15" square) to keep my workpiece from tipping and a toggle clamp to keep the workpiece aligned with the pushboard. So far so good.

    Does anybody know of a good router book written along the same lines as Nehler's table saw book? Any help would be doubly appreciated.

    Blind Bill

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    I found Pat Warner's "The Router Book, ISBN #1-56158-423-1, very well written and easy to follow. His book is published by Taunton Press. He also has a website,
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      B Bill, thanks for the kudos on the book, but credit for the recommendation should go to the one, the only, Badger Dave.
      He had it in his list of recommended books when I asked. I had to special order it from the library, so while I waited for it I had the opportunity to read several other books on table saws. When Mehlers book came in and I read it, I was so impressed I had to buy it.
      Sorry, I haven't done much router work yet, so I can't recommend anything.


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        I was looking at at some books and noticed there is an upcoming new release which appears to be "The Table Saw Book", "The Router Book" and "The Bandsaw Book" all combined into one book. And in hardcover no less (I am a big fan of hardcover for books I plan to keep and use in the long term).

        Table Saw, Band Saw and Router: Fine Woodworking's Complete Guide to the most Essential Power Tools (Hardcover)
        by Pat Warner (Author), Lonnie Bird (Author), Kelly Mehler (Author)

        Anyone heard of it or know if it the same information in the seperate books currently available all rolled up into one (the description leads me to believe so, but it is not clear)?? If so buying it is less than 1/2 the cost of buying the 3 books individually so I am just curious.
        Still enjoying all 10 fingers!