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  • Mobile base for Jointer

    Hey gang,

    I've got the older model, closed stand Ridgid jointer, and it's now the last major tool not on wheels. I've done Herc-U-Lifts for most everything else...TS, BS, RAS, Planer and Jet mini-lathe. I'd still like to track down another Herc and Legset to put the OSS on. It gave up it's spot to the lathe.

    Does anyone have a closed stand jointer that they've made mobile? Obviously a Herc wouldn't do, so what have you guys used? I was thinking of a double thick plywood platform with casters, but I'm still in the brainstorming stages right now.



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    Would something like this work??

    This is what I used for my jointer upon the advice of others here and works great for me. I do have the newer model, but it is easily adapted to fit various sizes, depending on your needs. Woodcraft and Rockler also have similar units.
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      That is the exact same base I am using. I didn't care much for it until I drilled through the original leg holes and bolted it to the base. I used the original leveling legs when I bolted it down. It took some time to get it right but when I lower it it sits on the leveling legs.
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        Pete, here is a link to a base made by a former regular UO_Woody. He made himself a nice mobile base from some angle. You'll need to be able to handle some simple welding or pick up a couple six-packs for a friend who can do it for you :-) His solution may not be perfect but might give you some ideas on designing one that fits your needs.
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          Homier Distribution sells these on Ebay for $17 plus ~ 10 s/h. It works well enough on my closed stand jointer that I bought a second one for my planer. Very good mobile base, excellent value.

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            I use a General International model 50-025 universal mobile base. It's about $50, is well built and moves the jointer around very well. The two swivel casters provide better stability than the single swivelling caster bases. It is also size variable from 11"x11" to 35"x35". Minimum rectangle is 11"x17" and maximum rectangle is 19"x51".
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              Thanks guys! Several good options to consider. I'll let you know where I land.