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  • Is this a deal?

    I have been spending my time searching for a Table saw and ran across this deal.
    A Ridgid planner on stand and fitted with a moveable base for $350, A Ridgid jointer Jp6100 on stand fitted with a moveable base for $300 a Delta shaper on stand with moveable base for $275.
    The Ridgid tools are about 6 months old garage kept and look to be in very good shape. The Delta shaper is old, I mean old however it has a new 1 hp motor, it is reversable and comes with guards and a pretty good selection of cutters and has both a 3/4 and 1/2 inch spindle. I can buy all three for $825.
    I have a shopsmith jointer that serves me well and a planner is on my someday in the future list. I have mixed emotions on the shaper had pretty much decided to go with a router and table setup.
    Is this a really good deal or is it so so and one I can pass up and stay focused on my TS hunt. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Read that to mean I will still have enough money to buy a new TS
    Rev Ed

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    I'd jump on it myself...............
    Support Our Troops!


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      Rev Ed, If you don't jump on this end me the address and I will in a "New York Second". I am in Palatka, Fl. Doc


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        Talk about temptation---wait a second--that's your job

        Rev Ed---sort of depends on what you want to start working on. Is your current table saw the Shopsmith? (you mentioned a Shopsmith jointer) If it is, I'd say stick with your table saw plan---It's a world of difference between the SS table saw and the Rigid 2424 or 3612. If you can swing one of these tools and the table saw---I'd say go with the shaper---if it has a good selection of cutters---it's the best deal.


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          RevEd, Your private mail to me was blank.. Try again only use my E-Mail address: as I am very interested in these units. Doc