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    I bought the Scale Master II and find it GREAT! anyone else use any of these??

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    Paper and pencil is my calculator...


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      I have been using the Scale Master Classic. Works OK. I'd like to see a wireless solution using a USB connection (I wrote them and suggested it last month). Something that would store measurements then let you press a button to send the accumulated data to the computer. You would use the mouse on the PC to position the cursor where you want the data entered. This would be a little faster and less chance of making an error during data entry. If the wireless link was two-way then you could easily switch modes or scales from the PC with a pop-up menu.
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        Projectcalc Plus

        I recently purchased the ProjectCalc Plus from the same manufacturer. I purchased it at Lowes for USD 19 and change with a free tape measure (last dual pack in stock). It is a good calculator for the average woodworker/homeowner. Go to and look for product ProjectCalc Plus for more information.


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          I have owned one of the fraction calculating calculators for about 10 years, the price sure has come down, my first one cost nearly $90.00 for the simple model.


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            Re: construction calculators

            I bought a Scale Master Classic from awhile back and have enjoyed using it. It's great for take offs. I think they also sell a scalex wireless model too but I havent seen or used it before.