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2412 & 2424 has no blade height lock

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  • 2412 & 2424 has no blade height lock

    I noticed in a saw review that Rigid table saws don't have a blade height lock. In shopping around, I noticed that all the other saws have a blade height lock. The adjustment on the Rigid seems prone to turn if vibrated and this is of concern to me. I'd hate to have it sink even a small amount when doing a six foot dado. I suspect negative comments will be rare here, but why is there no blade height lock? Has anyone had any problems? I have to agree with the reviewer that this is a potential problem.

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    I've had my TS-2424 for about two years how and I have not found the need for a blade height lock. I have cut some dado's as well as resawing some 2x4's the blade never moved from the height I set it at. I've owened other saw's that had the blade height lock and it was a hassle at times. I'm not sure just what your in the market for but I can highly recommend Ridgid. I have only had one problem with mine the Ridgid's great customer service dept sent me the part I needed within a week. I hope this was of some help. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      Welcome Petersch,
      We welcome any comments here positive or negative. I try very hard to keep this forum from becoming a mouthpiece of the company. I want it to be community where woodworkers come to discuss their hobby and trade.

      The height adjustment is a worm drive type. If you are familiar with gear systems, a worm drive cannot transfer power backwards. We have been making cast iron table saws with this basic design on the height adjustment for several decades and I have never heard of one moving. Having a height lock would be of no benefit on our saw.