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  • Bandsaw Tire Replacement

    For my ridgid bandsaw, I'm considering replacing the tires with urethane ones.

    So, quick question for those who've replaced bandsaw tires with urethane tires.

    Did you have to remove the wheels from the saw to do it? Mark Duginske's bandsaw book shows doing it with the wheels removed.

    I can easily remove the top wheel, but the bottom one is tougher because the nut spins with the shaft. How do you hold the shaft so that you can loosen the nut to remove the wheel?

    Did replacing the tires with urethane ones help with eccentricty of the tires? Any reduction in vibration? My saw cuts well, but I still have some vibration and I can see the blade shift slightly from side to side as it spins around. My dial guage shows about .02 (or more) in eccentricity on the blade as I spin it around.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    I've replaced bandsaw tires with urethane, but not on a Ridgid brand saw. You shouldn't have to remove the wheels to do it, but it might be easier to clean off all the old glue if you do.

    Something you might try first is to take the blade off and gently hold a sanding block against the existing tires. That should clean & true them up. Be careful.


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      To help reduce the vibration, you might also want to consider replacing the stock belt with a link belt.
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        bandsaw tire replacement

        I removed the original tires that came on my Ridgid BS because when I changed sawblades from the original sawblade, the new blades would not stay on the wheels for love or money. I researched several forums re bandsaw problems and found that the majority of the fixes for this situation was first, replace the tires and second, get a decent replacement saw blade.

        I ordered the Rockler urethane tires (orange and for about $25/pr) and put them on the BS wheels. Took two persons and a couple of nice sized screwdrivers, Heating the urethane in hot water before attempting to put them on the wheels seemed to help also. You don't have to remove the wheels to put the tires on.

        I also ordered a couple of Timberwolf bandsaw blades (about $16/17 ea) and replaced the original bandsaw with the new.

        Turned the saw on and it ran/runs like a well-oiled machine with little vibration and the saw blade stays true in the middle of the tires. What little vibration remains is acceptable but I think if I replace the drive belt as recommended above, even that vibration would be eliminated.

        It's a shame that one has to do this for a brand new BS but that is apparently the case for most bandsaws from the forum articles I have read. My advice - don't think about it. Do it.


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          Hey Dave, you're having trouble removing the nut for the bottom wheel because the threads are left-hand. So, in order to loosen you need to turn clockwise or the reverse of how you normally would. When you get the wheel cleaned up also look for nicks along the raised edges. Mine had many which could cut into the new tire. Incidentally, my new tires were just a touch wide. I was a little nervous at first but they haven't shifted at all. Also, if you can round up a buddy to hold onto the new tire at, say, the 6 and 3 o'clock positions (viewed from where s/he stands) it will be waaay easier. Also, I'd recommend that you use a couple of Phillips screwdrivers since they are round and will slide easily along the wheel. Dowel should work as well.
          Good luck,


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            I will bow to the man who can replace the tires with the wheels on the saw.
            It's tough enough with the wheels off.
            One of My original tires broke, the original tires worked just fine, I wouldn't replace them just for the sake of replacing them.