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Ridgid tool sale Plus 10% off?

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    Hi Dave, I bookmarked that web site , i've seen others talk about the timberwolf blades here before , I picked up the Ridgid blades just to have some on hand here for when I put the band saw together , i'm putting the Ridgid Jointer/planer together today. In fact I just came in from the garage it's together but I havent checked that it's all square yet , thats gonna take me some time I think, never had a Jointer befor , hopefully I get lucky and its all set from the factory like other posts about it here i've read , never my luck tho, but theres always a first time . lol I HOPE! , This evening i'll be putting the Band Saw together and reading up on setting it up too.
    Thanks for the info. Oh can I buy those blades locally at a woodworkers store perhaps?
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      Woodcraft stores sell them although my guess is their prices are high.
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        Originally posted by BadgerDave
        Woodcraft stores sell them although my guess is their prices are high.
        $31, 'bout double Suffolks price.
        Poplar Branch Wood Crafts


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          HD shopping

          Just a quick note, if you're willing to bend the rules just a hair, and have lots of family or friends living close by. ;-)

          You can register for 10% off HD coupons for free, at their own website. They mail them out within about 3-5 weeks. They are good for up to a $2000 purchase (ergo, $200 off). They do expire, but usually by the time it arrives you've got about a month to use it.

          Now, before anyone flames me for exploiting the coupon/discount process, don't believe for a minute they'd rather I walked across the street, losing the purchase, to Menard's who will honor their never-expiring-buy-'em-on-eBay 10% off coupon in a hearbeat.

          I have become a big fan of Ridgid's tools this year, acquiring the Tablesaw, Planer and Bandsaw. If I hadn't already collected (and continued to be pleased with the new tools they put out) so many of the Ryobi One+ cordless tools, I would probably have a garage full of orange!

          Congrats on your new jointer (although I see that post is a few weeks past). Please post up your review / anallysis of the machine.