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Ridgid tool sale Plus 10% off?

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  • Ridgid tool sale Plus 10% off?

    I have seen threads mention an upcoming sale here on the Ridgid woodworking tools as "soon". I went to HD and asked ,I was told usually around Christmas time, but thats all she knew , So does anyone here know when and how long that sale normally runs? I have also seen people mention an added 10% off coupon combined with that sale, Besides applying for a HD credit card as I suspect,(I dont use credit cards to purchase tools as 21% interest negates any sale price, we all know how life goes it sounds good, I'll just pay it off befor then ,than BAM something or another comes up and were hit with that interest , HD and all companies BANK on that happening, I pay good ol fashion CASH) does HD have a members club type deal like Sears to get that 10% off coupon or something? I am in the market for a Bandsaw and Jointer, in fact i'll probably go buy one of them today. I really wanted to wait and buy both on sale , But at Christmas time I'll be busy shopping for my kids (I have 4) and others on my list.Now onto a few other questions , I know the Ridgid Jointer is good from what ive read here and elsewhere for it's price, Sears has there jointer the Pro model with a fully enclosed cabinet on sale right now down to $399.00 ,$50.00 off. The switches are mounted high on an arm ,almost eye level within easy reach, and the OFF button is BIG(I like that for safety) I've read complaints about the fence angle adjustment, and the dust collection clogging on the Ridgid jointer in reviews.Now for my bandsaw questions, Sears has a 12 inch model on sale for I believe its $269.99 WITH a larger cast iron table, a fence, a built in flex light , actual bearings to guide the blade(if I remember correctly I believe theres 4 of them)and built in wheel brushes. BUT, it has an extruded aluminum height adjuster, and something I havent seen on other bandsaws, what looks to be a bottom wheel adjuster , on the outside,side, there are 4 bolts with locking nuts at the bottom wheel shaft, is that a good thing or bad? My father built LOTS of wood projects as I was growing up BIG projects to small, all the cabinets in the house were custom made by him with a minimal amount of tools took more time yes, but the details like flutes , glass shelves ,ect. ect. were not skipped by no means , and all joints are still perfect to this day. I'm 45 , and just setting up my lil shop in my heated 24x22 garage and woodworking for me is only gonna be a Hobby , WHEN I even have the time, with the kids who has much time lol.More of an escape out to my garage more or less to tinker around. So i'm looking for UNbiased opinions on those 2 tools , pros and cons. I try to make my purchases based on facts. Yes Craftsman HAD crappy saws and other tools in the past , but the 70's and 80's even the 90's had companies like sears fighting to even stay alive. And most companies let quality slip. I looked at my tablesaw purchase without "labels" for years I wanted a Delta saw, watched this old house and Norm and drooled over his shop, but lets face it most home woodworkers dont have that kind of money or time to invest in there shop. I based my purchase on Reviews and physically going out and looking and touching them, and value and price.I liked what I saw in the Hybred saws(cabinet mounted trunnions and no motor hanging out the back, better dust collection) and bought one within my budget and my use , Hell I had a tiny B&D 9 inch tablesaw for years, so for me I made a HUGE upgrade, that i'm happy with .Sure i'd like a $2000.00 saw but it would be overkill for my needs.I've never had a jointer or bandsaw before, and the Ridgid and Craftsman are within my set budget and are within one block of each other to compare them. Any thoughts on the 2 im looking at are appreciated . Oh does anyone have a Wilton 12 1/2 inch thickness planer and if so your thoughts on it ? Thank you in advance.

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    dang did you forget you glasses??
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Originally posted by oldslowchevy
      dang did you forget you glasses??

      Sorry I can't help with your questions, American, but I did enjoy your post.
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        No. < see ,My post just turned out alot longer than I thought it would old chevy, Sorry if hurt your eyes.
        Originally posted by oldslowchevy
        dang did you forget you glasses??


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          Thanks Ken, did'nt mean for it to be so long ,I'm just in the process of building myself a decent ( I said "decent" not the best mind you ) lil shop here and want to get the most out of my money.I buy tools from different companys, one may make 1 tool well and another not so well so my garage has MANY brands in it. Like I said just a hobby to tinker with as im a lil bored right now , I was a Union Carpenter Local 1185 Resiliant Tile Installer and was injured on the job in July of 05, and will not be able to return to my work. Workmans Comp is now deciding weather to Vocationally Rehab me or not, so here I sit waiting. I love tools get it from my Father. I was a Body&Fender Combo man for 15 years till I started having kids and my dad said "you NEED to have insurance and a pension now!" So he got me into the Union did that for 15 years till I was injurd sliced a few tendons in my dominant arm to my hand . Can use it but lost alot of strength and the flexability to crawl around. Long story short the ER missed that I had tendons cut in 1/2 told me I had one "knicked" tendon and just sewed me back up, did 6 months of rehab complaining of no grip no strength Dr. thought it was the leigions adhering to the scare tissue, and I decided to have surgery to try to remove them so I could get better use back , what he thought would be an hour operation while I was awake, turned into over 3 1/2 hours as he found the tendons had been severd and one knicked so he took another tendon from my arm and made use by graphting it the the others that had sufferd atrophy or shrunk away for 6 months, so basically there now to short to allow full flexability and strength.
          Originally posted by KenM

          Sorry I can't help with your questions, American, but I did enjoy your post.
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            You should look at the Craftsman #22401 14" BS, not the 12". The handwheel at the bottom is to adjust drive belt tension, it's a 2 speed saw and the 14" model is also. Popular Woodworking (Nov 06, issue # 158) gave the Craftsman 14" BS a "Best Value" rating.

            In a nutshell they said: "The Craftsman saw has the lowest sticker price in the test, but it performed well and has nice features."

            Ease of blade change was better than all but one other BS, the Rikon Model 10-325, which was rated as the "Editors Choice". They believe the Craftsman blade guide setup is "a superior design and allows better support of the blade" over the traditional design that uses the side of the bearing to support the rear of the blade as many bandsaws currently (and have for years) do.

            The only negatives were the fence required some shimming and that the table only tilted in one direction. Most bandsaws have the capability to tilt a few degrees in the other direction(left of the blade), and about 45 deg down to the right.

            If you are thinking about a BS you might want to pick up this issue and give it a read.
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              Originally posted by American and Proud
              No. < see ,My post just turned out alot longer than I thought it would old chevy, Sorry if hurt your eyes.
              lol it didn't hurt eyes i was just teasing ya thats all
              9/11/01, never forget.


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                I actually liked the color choice and font size. The combination of the color and larger font size made for much easier reading for these worn out eyes.
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                  The 10% coupon is probably the "Friends and Family" or "Customer Appreciation" coupon (I've heard it called both) that HD makes available to the stores periodically. The coupon, which, when available, is handed out by the sales associates, provides for 10% off on a single purchase with no limit on teh amount saved. If the purchase of the Ridgid bandsaw and jointer totalled $700, you could save $70 by using one of these coupons and buying both tools at the same time.

                  Listen to Bob D's comment about the band saw article. It was very
                  informative and well written. I have the Ridgid jointer and I like everything about it except its height. It's table is a little low for someone 6"3".
                  there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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                    Responce &amp; Bought my first Ridgid Major Tool(LONG)

                    Hi Bob,
                    Thanks for the info on the band saw I appreciate it very much sir, and I will look for that magazine and give it a read.
                    I wasnt to curious about the lower crank as much as I was about the 4 bolts with locking nuts on the side of the saws lower pully housing , if their there to keep the lower wheel in place or adjusted , there is what would be a cut off welded on piece of pipe thats maybe 1 1/2- 2 inches long on the outside with the 4 bolts sticking out of its sides , looks weak or like it could vibrate loose , does it actually hold the lower wheel in place? looks to be for adjusting the bottom wheel, the web sites pics dont show that side of there band saws . so far ive only this type setup on the Craftsman band saws .
                    And any input of sears use of the all extruded aluminum arm that the guide set up is mounted on? Thanks again.

                    Hi Oldslowchevy,
                    Love that user name as I'm an avid Chevy fan , Ive Restored a 1955 Chevy Bel Air -Gypsie Red/Shoreline Biege it still only has 72,000 miles on it . kick myself in the A$$ for selling it , but I sold it to my father so theres hope i'll buy it back one day I LOVE that car.
                    I can take it ( the teasin) i'm pretty thick skinned ,lol I did choose the color but didnt mean for the text to turn out quite so large but I type with two fingers on my right hand , I cant type and my left arn is no longer what it once was so retyping it all after I posted it would have made me cry. lol
                    Hi Badger,
                    I like colors too, or BOLD text myself , just didn"t think it would be that large and I did'nt think i'd type out that much both together , I see it got attention as I got my first "Private Messages" over it .

                    Hi Finer,
                    Thank you for the info on the coupons , i'll keep an eye out for them. And I will get that magazine , again Thanks.

                    OK now for the NEWS!
                    Tonight I purchased my First Major Ridgid Tool
                    Drum roll Please!lol
                    I bought the Ridgid Jointer ! AND.... I DID get the 10% off I was after .Paid $360.00 for it.
                    Well HD has 10% off for almost all online purchases from Oct 5th thru Oct. 9th.
                    Sooo..... I went to my local HD and asked if theyd Honor it instore , after talking to a few associates there and 2 manages, I got a flat out NO. " Thats an ONLINE purchase offer ONLY", So I left said i'll go purchase the Craftsman Pro Jointer they have on sale for $399.99 from $450.00. I really was going too , was on my way there , Sears is only a block away from HD then I decided to go to another HD about a 1/2 hour drive away, I talked to an older gentalman in the tool area and he said he was only part time and didnt know anything about the online thing, but wait around for Brian, he just went to the bathroom , he finally returned and I asked him, he looked at me and said "hmm I don't know" then said hold on a sec i'll call a manager took the walkie talkie/phone off his belt told whomever what I asked for and hung up and said let me write that up for you , he wrote out a ticket for $40.00 off , in fact he had to write it twice as the first one he wrote he wrote it out as $40.00 for the Jointer! He said opps almost wrote it out as $40.00 for it ,I said hell for that price i'll give you a hundred, he laughed said i've been here 6 years I can't do that . ( inside I was saying YES YES YOU CAN!) lol . So I got the 10% off without a coupon. HD is soooooo inconsistand its just silly , they almost LOST a sale and future purchases over a online ONLY 10% off most anything one week sale. then ALMOST gave it away . what is WRONG with them anyways?? There web site, there store, one store wont honor it the next one does , so silly , So if your waiting for a 10% coupon like I was go look at there web site and get to a few HD's before the 9th i'm sure you'll find one in your area that WILL honor it instore.
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                      2nd RIDGID Machine, gotta laugh at HD tho LOL

                      LOL ok I really gotta laugh here.
                      I live in the south burbs of Chicago, so theres a HD every 15 minutes in any direction , I drove on over to Harbor Freight tonight to browse around a bit , but they were already closed I guess they close at 7 pm, so there is a HD a block from them , walked in saw they had the Ridgid Band Saw, looked it over decided what the hell i'll buy it , Sears has a machine flex light for $14.99 and a plug switch that you plug your machine into it then plug a light and a shopvac into it and it turns them on when you turn your machine on for $19.99 both in stock at my local Sears. So, I ask the tool guy at the HD if they'll honor the 10% off online deal, he goes and asks his manager, lol again I hear "NO it's for ONLINE purchases only".
                      I leave and drive not 15 minutes towards home knowing theres another HD only about 2 minutes out of my way from going home. I walk in they have the Band Saw , I again ask about honoring the 10% off online deal, low and behold , Sure sir i'll let the cashier know to take the 10% off for you, I smile and say Thank you very much sir. And I now have the Ridgid Band Saw. They also had a wide variety of blades for it I grabbed 3 different ones , they also were 10% off . Looks like its a 50/50 shot here on weather or not they'll honor "online only sales" lol go figure huh.
                      2 days.
                      2 Ridgid Machines.
                      Band Saw.
                      BOTH 10% off.
                      LOL Just gotta laugh. LOL


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                        A & P,

                        Way to stick it to the man!

                        Can't tell you how many times I've delt with the same thing. I bought some 20% off coupons for HD on ebay, and had to go to 2 different HD's to get them to accept it. The cashier at the 2nd one I went to for my TS2400 didn't even summons a manager, she just took off 20%.

                        A couple times I brought in a better price from Coastal or Amazon, and one location said we don't honor online competitor's prices, so i drove 10 minutes to the next one and bingo, no problems whatsoever.

                        I will never pay full price for tools. I have amassed more tools than I thought I could afford because of patience and price watching.

                        BTW, speaking of Harbor Freight, sometimes you can get HD to accept their coupons.


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                          Oh ya Cheeky I agree , if they want my CASH they gotta give me a lil something, or I go elsewhere,Period.Little items are one thing , but stationary tools are major and they have room to play.(pricewise)
                          I'd have gone with the Sears Craftsman Professional Jointer the other night if they did'nt give me the discount, and probally a Jet 14 inch band saw, I liked the extras that come with the Craftsman line of band saws but was'nt to sure about the extruded aluminum upper guide assembly, So i'll start looking to true up and trick out the Ridgid band saw I did buy, since I did manage to finagle my 10% discount. lol seems silly to have to have to run around for it tho, I mean why buy something online when they carry it in stock, by not honoring it they would have lost both sales. And future purchases from me.
                          And i'll keep the HF coupon HD price match in mind , Thanks
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                            Lucky they accepted the 20% Apparently that coupon only existed as a "Thank You" to their employees around the holidays. Someone scanned and put it up on Ebay, now they are everywhere.

                            HD around here wont accept them, but they will give you the 10% off anyway. Lowes did the same ("we dont honor 20% off, but we'll give you 10").



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                              AAP, for best results, return the blades and buy some great blades from here.
                              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.