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methods to store saw cutting blades

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  • methods to store saw cutting blades

    I was wondering how you folks store various cutting blades from reciprocating blades, jigsaw blades, to circular saw blades?

    Just tossing them into a tool bag is not good as they can cut the bag and scratch the tools, not to mention loose their edge.

    I have looked for a small plastic box to hold jigsaw blades and reciprocating blades but I've not found anything a reasonable size.

    Bosch makes a storage box for their 21 blade jigsaw kit but no one carries just the box.

    In the past I've used small plastic baggies but they get cut up after a while.

    Oh, and I do not want a large box, I'd prefer a small storage system,
    for example: for jigsaw blades a plastic container say 5" tall 1/2 to 3/4" wide and 1" deep would hold a number of blades nicely.

    any suggestions are appreciated

    Cactus Man

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    Try and search for "Compartmented Plastic Boxes".

    Various configurations, a couple seem perfect for saw blades.

    I was lucky enough to find the DeWalt 15 blade kit with storage box mismarked at HD for 5 bux!! I use that for storage of smaller blades. I occasionally use 6" wood blades (to take down small trees in my yard), but I just leave those outside and grab when I need it.



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      Go to any sporting goods store or hardware store that has a fishing supply section. You should be able to find all kinds of different configuration plastic cases at either one.
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        I came across a dewalt yellow plastic storage box that will hold my jigsaw blades, spare splinter guards, and even reciprocating saw blades. I even cut a slot to allow the hex tool to fit. I found this at home depot

        I also found at home depot, a set of 14 bosch jigsaw blades with a slick velcro pocket case..perfect to what I was looking for. 20 bucks and a nice assortment of blades too.

        Cactus Man
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