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    Has anyone checked out the Woodworking Channel? It has alot of good information on it! Not only for particular projects but also to see some of the shops and how there set up. Great tool useage and some of the jigs used. I'm a newbe to woodworking and found some good pointers, and suggestions.
    Check it out!!! Enjoy
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    Whydya have to go and post that? There goes what little free time I had. Is this a real cable channel, or is this just a webcast?
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      I've been going to the Woodworking Channel for about a month and it looks like it's just a webcast right now. Some of the content seems to be home made start up production company stuff, local TV programs from PBS type stations that may or may not still be broadcasting and then there's fillers from Tools shows, product demos and exhibitions filmed at the shows. I hope it makes it to cable and satellite.

      As I'm a newbe too, I find it all to be pretty interesting, except for the woodturning. I have too many other skills to catch up on, to try picking up on turning. Plus I hear tell that once you get into turning it takes you over and that's all you want to do. I dunno.....

      Have fun watching, atleast until you hit the reruns.


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        I too am not much interested in turning. Maybe later! Not sure !
        Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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          I've been watching this on and off for a couple of weeks now. Pretty good stuff I think. There is some regular programming like the American Woodworker (or is that Woodshop... don't know, but very enjoyable), Router Workshop, and a couple of others. There's also some filler stuff from the latest tool shows, etc. Definitely something you'll need Roadrunner or other highspeed cable for.

          Nice thing, is that even the "commercials" are good, with occasional spots from the tool makers, etc.

          Regarding turning.... definitely looks attractive and the guys make it look so darned easy. Somewhere in the future I can see getting a lathe and necessary accessories. If you caught the segment on Japanese turning, it was quite interesting and a somewhat different approach. Neat stuff, all of it.

          Makes me wish my local PBS station would add some of this or that my cable company would add this channel.