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  • Woodworking bench

    I'm looking for plans,pictures,suggestions,and any information that anyone might have for building a woodworking bench.
    Thank you!
    Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!

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    Here's a place to start.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      I have a pdf of a nice workbench made with plywood and mdf. I made it for myshelf and it was very easy to do.If you would like a copy of them post an e-mail adress i can send them to as for the pdf is to big to post here.


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        Badger Dave....Thanks! I've already started looking over the FREE plans!

        Good stuff!
        Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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          I sent you a private message with my e-mail address. Thanks!
          Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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            I built mine using a plan from - "Rock Solid Plywood Bench".

            I added the T track and I've been very happy with it.

            My only other modification was adding a vertical divider on the bottom shelf to help support the upper shelf.

            Very solid setup. I may use their technique for mortise and tenon out of plywood pieces for some more projects I have planned:

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              looks great. I like the t-tracks in the top.


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                Thank you for the pic's. I like it!!!! That is the same table that DMG1109 sent me the plans for. It looks good and sturdy.
                I'm going out this weekend and buying the plywood.

                Thanks again.
                Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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                  bret, I built that same table (minus the t-track and shelf divider) myself a few months back. It's really a pretty stable work bench, I think. I enjoyed making all of the cuts for the plywood legs/stretchers. I really learned quite a bit doing it. It's not 100% the way it supposed to be (human error), but good enough for my purposes. I would recommend it to just about anyone. The only thing I did was to add a sheet of hardboard to the top via double sided carpet tape.

                  How does that t-track work for you? Worth it? It looks really nice.



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                    My bench from free plans

                    Here are a couple of pictures of my bench built from plans in the November 2006 issue of Wood magazine. I cut the size down from 36"x72" to 30"x60"
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                      Nice bench, Lefty!!
                      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                        Lefty: Lookin' Good!! Is that white oak? What do you estimate the weight to be? I am planning to build one soon (still working on the plans) and will need about the same size. It needs to be solid enough not to move or rack when using hand planes. Also, did you have problems finding bench dogs for it or did you make them?
                        Sorry there are so many questions, but on a project like this with a substantial investment in wood and hardware, I prefer not to screw it up too badly!!

                        Practicing at practical wood working


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                          Wow Lefty. That sucker is massive. Nice job. If you don't mind the question, could you say how much it set you back for materials and hardware? Hey, did you have to get any new tools to build it??
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                            Very nice..... I like it alot! It looks like maple! Yes ?

                            Where did you get the floor matts?

                            Thanks for the pic's
                            Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!


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                              Classic Cabinet Makers Benchtop ideas?

                              I have a slab of Hardrock Maple 84 x 30 1/4 x 1 3/4, I also had a slab 6ft. long, gave that one to my cousin for his kitchen though. I have a few other cutoffs about 3ft long, I got them from a jobsite, a Jewel foods store that was remodeling, they were going to get tossed into the dumpster, there stamped "BOOS" on the bottom, I believe they were from the butchers department.But they dont even look used no cut marks no stains at all, just a bead of clear silicone caulk under the bottom edges. I would like to make the 7footer into a Cabinet Makers Style Bench,WITH steel square bench dogs. I bought these at Rocker>
                              I bought 2 sets. I also purchased a "Sjoberg"Trestle Base with a shelf, my local Rockler had 1 left gave it to me for $30.00(nothing fancy). I also have a Vice ,that just might be older than I, my father gave it to me not sure were he got it but he has a few some with quick releases, this one is stamped -"MORGAN VICE CO. CHICAGO No 20A
                              SOLID NUT VICE" . The face of this vice is 10 x 4 .
                              How would I go about turning the slab of maple into a bechtop with a rear tool tray and SQUARE benchdog holes?
                              Norm Abrams bench from years ago on the "New Yankee Workshop" has square benchdogs he made of Hardwood, the top of the square holes were a little larger so the "dogs" could recess just below the benchtop without falling through and the holes were angled so when pressure was applied the dogs did'nt rise up. I know i'll have to cut the top were the dog holes go then cut them in each 1/2, what would be the best way to reglue them afterwards, Bisquits?
                              I want it strong.I've looked at lots of benches and really want the square dogs installed. (I know it's alot more work) But, it is a once in a liftime build, and a sure sign of a Quality mined Craftsman. I will build better legs later on once I know what I want under it after using it awhile.
                              A freind of mine bought one of Norms plans with the video and he was very disappointed as the video was only the broadcast of the show, we both thought they would be more in depth but there not, really wish they were.
                              The benches I see here are very nice, Nice job.
                              I just want for myself that old world style I guess with the square bench dogs and tool tray, any and all ideas on turning my slab into one is greatly appreciated.
                              Oh and what Glue to use, Gorilla? Or just plain carpenters glue?
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