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    I think I have decided what blades to buy.
    1. Freud LM74R010 $59.99
    2. Freud TKR606 $49.99
    3. Freud SD508 $159.99 has the lowest prices I have found and free shipping and $25 off on purchases over $199.

    My question is "Has anyone ordered from them"
    "Are their blades lesser quality"


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    Ever consider indexing your blade? Always Index a blade as you will find errors in every blade!


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      I have bought from Amazon several times. I have no complaints. All orders arrived in 3 - 5 days via UPS ground. Why would their blades be lesser quality? You are buying Freud blades, not Amazon blades.
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        I've had no problems with amazon and I've bought alot from them. I got some blades from Tool King that were cheaper even when including the shipping. Check them out.


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          I've bought thousands from them. I also use an Amazon credit card - good for 3% on Amazon and 1% on other purchases. Just bought a $240 PC 890 router kit for $65 with all the discounts. They also have the gold box offers which occasionally include tools. I got a Delta 12" twin laser miter for $250 after rebate and gold box discount. They are pretty good with service, but packing can occasionally be an issue. My 90 lb. planer was shipped with only the one little strip of factory sealing tape. It was holding by a thread when I got it. At the other extreme the miter saw was securely bound with plastic banding. Smaller items usually come thrown into another box with air pillows - no foam peanuts.

          As for blades, I've been reluctant to buy from Amazon because I mostly use the cheap Freud Diablos. They don't come in any kind of package and I don't trust Amazon to wrap them properly for shipping. If the blades you mention don't come with good cases/packaging, ordering multiple blades in one order might be risky. If you do buy, please follow up and let us know how they packed them.


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            I've Bought lots of tools from Amazon. Only problem I have had was with my Fein vacume. It was not packed sufficiently and was damaged in transit. This was not, however, Amazon's fault. It was in the original Fein box, but just was not packed to absorb the inevitable rough handling. Amazon made it right. They had a new one sent out and provided a label for returning the damaged one. No cost to me but the extra time. I just ordered the Frued glue line rip blade from them, but it has not arrived yet.