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  • Ridgid EB Spindle Sander

    I was grumping about Ridgid's decision about the tools earlier and also because I had just purchased an EB. Well I got to play in my toy house with a friend and we cut out a Telecaster body and got to use my NEW MACHINE! Well when I was grumping about having to move all the Ryobi Boxes in front of it I didn't know how really great this EB is. I have no bad vibes about it and only good things to say for its performance. Somebody on the Ryobi watering hole was saying how bad it was and it had no power - I don't know which back 40 he was in at the time but it works great! r

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    Agreed. It took me a little bit to get the hang of the belt alignment, but it's a great tool. I wasn't sure if I'd use the belt at all, or just the spindles, but I use both about equally, since they can be changed so quickly. Power isn't a problem at all. I suppose a guy could stop it with enough preassure, but why the heck would I be sanding that hard??? I'm very happy to have it.


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      I just can't figure how one could put so much pressure on to stop it. Wouldn't you burn the wood if you did that? My partner in crime just about went crazy playing with it - heasking for more scaps to sand and if I had anything else I wanted sanded down. Really, he is as bad as I am 'cause I did all this last Monday. " Toys for the toy castle" my wife said, and then walked away. r